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Application of Jira Automation for Supporting Team Operations

Application of Jira Automation for Supporting Team Operations

Application of Jira Automation for Supporting Team Operations

An effective customer service plays a vital role for the organisation growth. According to Microsoft, 95% consumers consider customer service as brand loyalty. Besides, Zendesk found that 84% consumers prefer quality services while making any purchase. Thus, it can be understood that it impacts the buyer purchase decision making process.

Therefore, developing an effective support team is core requirements to attract the consumers. This process can be done by transforming the customer support from manual to automation through introducing Jira application.

For ensure a faster and effective support system Jira has introduced core three applications, which is helpful for the consumers to receive an excellent service from the support desk.

The Core Three Jira Applications are:

 Automated Incident Management

Quickly solving the consumer issues is a core aim for the support team. This objective is possible to achieve by introducing an automated incident management service. It generally conducted through a systematic process by following the below steps:

Step 1: When a consumer faced any issues related to support system the workflow automatically tiggered about it.

Step 2: After tiggered the problem Jira automatically develop the email subjects about the issue.

Step 3: A chat boat will be assigning to the issues based on the available options.

(for example, Workbot), it will automatically message the representative trough the organisation platform (for example, slack)

Step 4: In this stage, the support team will automatically update the status of the issue and finally will close the problem.

Thus, it can be understood that by automating the support system, consumer issues are possible to solve quickly.

 Instant Risk Alert

Based on the product usage report the support team are capable to identify the consumer risks. By implementing automation, they can solve this risk more quickly. It will be helpful for identifying the instant risk alert from all active application. Suppose a support team is dealing with 2 or 3 platforms like Salesforce, Jira and Marketo, and they are using it in a single data warehouse system i.e., Snowflake. So, here the use of automation will be helpful to manage the entire process quickly.

It generally followed the below steps:

Step 1: The workflow automatically tiggered as soon as the customer product usage fall under a specific category.

Step 2: Then, the data of the consumer gathered from the different platform in a format of google doc for generating report.

Step 3: After that, the reports get shared through a chatbot (can use Slack) with the specific customer support manager (CSM).

Thus, it can be understood that by applying automation the entire process of instant risk alert can be easily perform.

 Review Customer Feedback

Understanding the consumer feedback is very important for analysing their expectations from the specific products and services. It helps the organisation to improve their services.

It can be possible by conducting survey on consumer experience, through automation this process can easily perform. The Surveymonkey tool can be used to conduct this process. With the application of this tool the representative of support team can easily understand and monitor the consumer feedback.

The below process is an example of this function:

Step 1: The workflow automatically tiggered about the survey report.

Step 2: All the feedback is transfer to the respective support team for tracking the responses. This process can be done by using the automated platform Slack as mentioned earlier.

Step 3: The respective support team can use Jira for issue uncovered problem so that the other representative can address it within the slack.

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