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Stylize Your Window Treatment By Choosing Perfect Draperies for your Rooms

Stylize Your Window Treatment By Choosing Perfect Draperies for your Rooms

The right window treatment is an integral part of decorating your house. If the curtains or draperies you have selected do not match in quality or become harmonious with the rest of the decor of your house, you still have a task left to be finished.

It is important to keep in mind that the islands of Hawaii constitute one of the most popular places on Earth for tourism. Therefore, if you are running a hotel, office or restaurant here, you should make a mark of impression by choosing the finest draperies. Even for home decor, they work perfectly by providing both utility and visual appeal.

In order to choose the best draperies for your rooms, it is important to get familiar with draperies first.

Draperies are used not just to decorate but also to serve useful purposes. Unlike curtains, draperies are much thicker and therefore can be more effective in blocking sunlight. Similarly, they are longer in length than curtains and are made of a thicker fabric. It has been a common misconception to consider draperies as purely formal with not much room for designs. But this is not at all the case. At the right drapery store, you can easily find the best drapes to deck your windows with.

Things to Keep in Mind While Setting the Draperies

When it comes to putting up the right drapes for your windows, it is never that easy. However, there are certain things you need to put into consideration while decorating your windows with the matched draperies.


The first thing you need to keep in mind about the draperies is where you are going to put them. Draperies serve multiple utilities, so it is important that you choose the right one for the right location. For instance, the draperies hung on your bedroom should be thick enough to prevent sunlight from breaking your sleep. Whereas in the drawing-room, a lighter drape can work just as fine.


The length of the drapes plays an important role in determining the look of your room. A drape with the correct length can mar your desire for the right window treatment. Whether your draperies should be 1 inch off the floor or barely touching it will ultimately decide the aesthetics of the room.


Believe it or not, drapes can provide as many design patterns as a curtain can. In fact, you can even choose the fabric and curtain supply of your choice and then get your own design styled on your drapes. But as to what should be the ideal design is something you have to figure out first. The right window treatment requires that the mood of your rooms should match with that of the designs. If you are purchasing drapes for your office, then the minimal or formal design would be highly recommended. On the other hand, if it is for your restaurant, then go with more vibrant ones.

Right Window Treatment Tips

Here are some of the tips which you can use to enhance your window treatment and make your drapes provide a better experience.

Use Fabrics

If your drape is thick enough and blocks light totally, then it might be a problem when you want the sunlight but at filtered density. Sheer fabrics can go very well with thicker drapes. During the afternoon, you can easily let in the outside light at a moderate proportion. This will lighten up your room without bringing excessive heat. Furthermore, with the help of sheer fabrics, you can have outside light and privacy at the same time without compromising on either.

Try Blinds

Although it does not apply everywhere, blinds can also make a contribution to your window treatment. If they go well with the design of architecture, then you should go consider having them. Drapes and blinds go really well together and can work best for people who love different light and shade textures in their room.


While it is good to go with uniqueness and experimentation, keeping uniformity in designs is a major drapery secret. Your drawing-room, kitchen, bedrooms etc. should have more or less a common thematic mood. To give a deeper impression on your guests or customers, you should choose drapes that go well with your personality and reflect the harmonious aesthetics of your windows.

As hospitality services constantly remain in demand in Hawaii, the hotels need to give deeper thought to the kind of drapes they are using. As far as the inhabitants are concerned, they can have the best window treatment in their homes by understanding different drapery styles and designs.

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