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The Importance of Standing workstation on employees' health?

The Importance of Standing workstation on employees' health?

Physical inactivity is seriously bad for your health. Generally, those who sit too much every day have a higher chance of disease like premature death, diabetes, and many more. Living a sedentary lifestyle can affect you in both ways physically and mentally.

Additionally, a person who sits a lot burns very few calories which leads to the cause of weight gain and obesity.

This major problem, we can notice in-office employees because they spend their major time sitting on a chair.

Fortunately, stand-up desk India is gathering popularity, also they have adjustable height computer desk; which you can fix according to your suitability.

Things You Should Know About Standing Workstation

Standing workstation, we can say a new invention for the betterment of worker’s health. It involves a fixed height desk and workers can adjust this useful technique as they want to do. Meanwhile, they can also use a stool with a standing workstation if they are spending a lot of time there.

These desks are available in many modern versions. So you can buy the best sit and stand desk India according to your choice and protect yourself from the harmful effect of too much sitting.

Standing Workstations Helps to Prevent Inactivity

Well, it’s proved according to studies that too much sitting can create lots of health problems. Even those who do regular exercises can’t protect them from the health risk of too much sitting? They indeed have a lower chance of disease and obesity as compared to those who don’t exercise regularly.

Probably, with the help of a standing desk, you can keep away yourself from stress, obesity, back and neck pain. You can order for sit and stand desk online and fix it at your standing height.

It helps you to keep active and allows you to go up and down whenever you want to sit or stand. Although, you will be amazed to know the impressive benefits for health as it may decrease inactivity.

Here are few proven benefits of the standing workstation on employee’s health;

1. Decrease the Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain

If burns lower calories in a day then it becomes the cause of weight gain ultimately. Oppositely, burning high calories can help you to lose weight. While exercise is the best way to lose weight quickly, but choosing standing desks can also be beneficial in burning calories.

If we compare standing desks with sedentary work then you can burn 170 additional calories which is a huge difference and lower the risk of obesity and weight gain.

2. Decrease Blood Sugar Level and boost Productivity

Blood sugar is also one of the worse things for your health that generally increases after meals. Also, need insulin to get control over this illness. In a study, it is found that employees who stand at least 180 min after their lunch have a 43% lower chance of blood sugar as compare to those who sit for the same time. Along with that, it helps to boost productivity, improve mood and energy levels.

3. Lower the Chance of Back & Neck Pain

Too much sitting can cause back and neck pain. Several studies have shown that using standing workstations can improve the lower back pain and neck pain of employees.

In a study, CDC found that the use of sit and stand desks can reduce back and neck pain by 54% 4 weeks.

4. Improve Posture and Helps You Live Longer

It is hardly surprising but the implementation of a standing desk at a workstation helps to reduce neck strain and physical stress. It is also beneficial for your spine and body posture. Few observational studies show that standing workstations and prevent much illness and help to live a longer and healthy life.

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