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Finding the Ideal Private Jet for Your Vacation

Finding the Ideal Private Jet for Your Vacation

Everyone wants to travel the world and everyone wants to do it in style. It’s not that an adventure isn’t complete without limousines and red carpets. But getting out of a private jet is certainly a way better beginning to a story than getting off the bus.

There are many genuine as well as aesthetic pros of getting yourself an aircraft for sale or rent. In fact, you can even get access to the tarmac of the runway if you own a private jet. This, consequently, means that you have no more lines at the airport, the luggage section, security offices and whatnot. Private jets take the frustration away from air travel and present it in the most ideal fashion possible.

While there are numerous benefits to buying a private jet for sale, we all know that it’s a huge investment. Unless you’re a pilot and an aeronautical engineer with enough buck to rent or buy a plane, you will need help finding the best aircraft.

Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider while finding the ideal private jet for your vacation:

Find a Reliable Broker

If you think your average CFO or accountant is able to act as your broker for private aircraft purchase, you’re wrong. It takes a specialization in aviation law for a lawyer to be able to broker in deals.

Whether you go for brokers, advisors or dealers, make sure that you can trust them. There are too many loopholes that are ripe for exploitation by either party. While it may not be possible to find a pro-buyer deal, we can still look for a win-win rather than a lose-win situation. That’s what your broker can help you with.

From narrowing down possible options in the market and running background checks, brokers can help with a lot. That’s why their fee amounts to nothing compared to the expenses and troubles they can save.

Check Your Requirements

Are you looking for a royal cozy aircraft that offers a luxurious interior fit for the crown? Perhaps you just want a tail and an engine that can fly you anywhere faster than other planes.

These are important questions that you need to ask yourself before engaging in research. To be able to find what you want, you need to know what you want. That’s why you should consider the size and shape of the plane as well as the amenities and privileges it comes with. Keeping in view variable designs and infrastructures, you’ll also have to hire a pilot that has experience flying the same aircraft.

Research Before Negotiating

Unlike buying a car, buying a secondhand jet requires a lot more in-depth research. Your lawyers and legal counsel will direct you to make an offer to the seller. This will set in motion the negotiation and background checking processes that will entail documentation verification, statistical and analytical evaluations, etc.

Apart from this, have a technical team check the plane’s history to evaluate its performance and current state. Lastly, your lawyers will review the transaction structure and verify if everything related to taxation and documentation checks out.


Once your lawyers give you the go-ahead, you can continue with the negotiation process and sit down with the seller. There, you can come to a consensus on the terms of release as well as initial deposits, future payment plans and methods. You’ll also have to get proper officiation from authorities in order to verify your transaction. For example, in some countries, you have to negotiate an Aircraft Purchase Agreement that also entails who pays what.

Taking it For a Spin

Now that everything has been written down and all parties agree, it’s time to test the aircraft.

It’s crucial that you decide who pays for the test flight or relocation flight because it’s not an expense you’d want to burden alone. Have your pilot take off and engage in some manoeuvres to ensure that the plane can more than just survive the flight. Since it’s a huge investment that you can’t make twice, it’s vital that there are no complications in the future. Suffice it to say, maintaining and repairing a plane can cost a fortune.

Of all the aviation companies in the UAE, you can get in touch with some of the most notable ones like Empire Aviation. Not only will they offer you a fleet of planes to choose from, but they’ll also offer you commendable support and guidance.

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