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The Future Of Transport: Concept Tyres

The Future Of Transport: Concept Tyres

Innovation and the will to invent something new has been an on-going passion for car enthusiasts. Vehicle brands keep rolling out concept cars that are unusual in every way, and even the manufacturers of tyres keep producing a new range of wheels to complement them. Here is a look at the six most innovative cars, filled with moss to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.

1. Goodyear’s Eagle 360 Urban Tyre

The brand Goodyear went ahead to present a spherical tyre which was 3D and a concept invented for driverless cars. The concept is driven by artificial intelligence, and the tyre is in the skin of sensors constructed from a polymer that has high elasticity. 

It permits sensing of the conditions on which the car is going to be driven, which includes the weather and the terrain before it is fed back to the AI operating system to have itself adapted. The tyre can connect with other cars, traffic, infrastructure and mobility management systems to note the information on the real-time surroundings.

2. Michelin’s Vision Concept Tyre

The concept invented by the French manufacturer of tyres is that of a tyre that is printed in 3D mode. The tyre is connected, customisable, airless, rechargeable and puncture-free. The tyre is made utilising materials that are biodegradable and also that it does not rely on air.

It has an interior architecture that supports the car’s weight making it uncertain for the wheel to explode or puncture. There are sensors on the tyres that offer to capture real-time information about its present condition. The app permits the customer to change the destination of the tyre as and when required.

3. Nasa’s Super Elastic Tyre

These tyres were inspired by the lunar tyres by Apollo. They are super elastic tyres that are non-pneumatic and developed initially for missions to Mars. They, however, can be viewed as an alternative to the usual tyres that are air-filled. 

These tyres are specially developed by the research centre at NASA and Goodyear. They comprise alloys that possess shape memory and resist deformation and high strain without causing any permanent damage. It prevents the possibility of any failure due to punctures, thus ensuring safety optimally.

4. Goodyear’s Oxygene Tyre

These Car tyres St Helens were on the concept of a 3D-printed model wheel, composed of live moss in it that could absorb excess moisture from the road. All of this, before its conversion via photosynthesis to oxygen.

This concept was invented in response to the impact of the impermissible quality of air in urban areas. Electricity is generated by the wheel, facilitating the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen, which would fuel the electronic features like sensors and artificial intelligence units for processing.

5. Ackeem Ngwenya’s Roadless Wheels

Ackeem Ngweny, a graduate from the Royal College of Art, initiated the design of these tyres like a set of wheels. It can be driven on all terrains to assist farmers in rural Africa to carry heavy loads around. 

They were also made to substitute the traditional way of places such as carrying a load on the head. This tyre utilises stainless steel parts to create a cage wheel that is flexible, expandable and could contract by making use of a level to build a shaft centrally with a similar mechanism to a scissor jack. 

A Scissor Jack is a device that is deployed to raise vehicles to conduct repair work. The design is such that the wheels could be mounted onto an axle to be utilised on trailers, tricycles, light motor vehicles and wheelbarrows.

Bridgestone’s Air-Free Bicycle Tyre

The performance tyres St Helens were created to be puncture-free and utilise spokes. It could stretch all along the inner part of the tyres to support the weight. The tyres are composed of recyclable thermoplastic resin.

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