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How To Repair Corrupted Accdb File?

How To Repair Corrupted Accdb File?

Are you facing any issues in opening or using your Access database file? If yes, then it may have a chance that your database file is somehow got corrupted.

No need to get worried you can repair corrupted Accdb File using the fixes which are listed in this post.

Before you move on to the solution, it is important to understand the actual causes for Access Database corruption.

So, let’s start….

What Are The Causes Of ACCDB File Corruption?

Malware Infection – It is the common and most difficult cause of Database File Corruption. Once the virus infects your file, it spreads in the database and corrupts it. In these modern days, viruses or malware are increasing in a severe way. It is getting difficult to deal with these harmful infections due to the advanced use of coding and algorithms.

 Disturbance during write operation – While performing a write operation, if somehow the application gets interrupted due to the weak network then chances may be high of getting a corrupted database file. You can repair it, but still, some data may be lost.

 Hardware Issue – There are lots of reasons for hardware issue such as:

• Using old or faulty hardware.

• Not having sufficient space in the hard drive or other storage media.

• If the weak network is linked to your system.

• If a sudden power failure occurs, while working on your database.

• Loss of network packet on network card or data stored in the damaged hard drive then it affects database file.

• If a single file is accessed at a time repeatedly as it consists of a lock file .ldb that coordinates with the operation of the database.

 Software Issue – If the file system is not recovered in a proper way then chances become to occur bugs in Software.

 Disconnecting Database in a Wrong Manner- After completing the file task in the database, if you disconnect it incorrectly, then this also may corrupt the database.

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 Database Design is Ineffective – Designing or Structure is based on the coding of the database. In coding, if the issue has been neglected then also chances become of causing corruption to the Accdb file.

Now let’s come to the solution that how can you Repair Corrupted Access Database files.

How To Repair Corrupt Access Database?

Method 1# Compact And Repair

Use Compact and Repair command to repair corrupted Accdb file which includes several techniques.

Firstly, you can use a manual approach for repairing the database when it is open and closed. And secondly, you can use the Import method when the database is open.

Before using the Compact and Repair method, it is necessary to take the following actions:

  • You should maintain a complete backup process because while using the Compact and Repair method, shortens the length of the table by removing the damaged data that are present in that table. You may have your regular backup plan, but including that you should backup now before using this method.
  • While running the Compact and Repair command on a multi-user database, you should alert other users so that they can avoid using the database.

Now let’s move on to the methods of repairing.

Well, mostly I prefer to use a manual repair approach while the database is closed just to avoid any type of modification to the original file.

But no issue, if you prefer to choose the manual repair approach while the database is open. Just only keep in mind that before using this approach, maintain the complete backup process.

Case 1# Repairing Corrupted Accdb File When It Is Open

Now, you can follow these below 3 steps:

  • Firstly, go to the File menu.
  • Then select Info.
  • After that select Compact and Repair Database.

Case 2# Manually Compact And Repair Database That Is Not Open

  • From the Windows Start menu open Access.
  • Double-click on Blank Database and go to File and click on Close.(Only applicable for Access 2013,2016,2019).
  • Then choose Database Tools, after that In the Database to Compact Form click on Compact and save the new file name for your repaired database.
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Case 3# Compact And Repair Automatically

In this case, the Compact on Close box is selected only if you want to automatically repair corrupted accdb file.

1. First of all, open the File Database that you want to compact and repair.

2. Then click on Access Options and select Current Database.

3. Clicking on the Current Database, you will find the Compact on Close box under Application Options.

4. Then click on the checkbox.

5. Lastly, close the database for a while and then open it.

Next, let’s move on to the Import method.

Method 2# Import Corrupted Accdb File Into New One

1. Firstly, open MS Access.

2. Then create a new file in the database.

3. After creating click on Access to import Access database which you will find under the External Data tab.

4. Then go to Browse and select the database file to import.

5. Go to the text box of Get External Data Wizard, here put the source database name.

6. After that click on import reports, table, modules, queries, macros, forms and click on Ok.

7. Lastly on the import objects dialog box select objects.

Finally, it’s done!

Tips To Avoid Accdb File Corruption:

You should also follow some strategies that may help you to keep your database safe from getting corrupted.

So, here are some of the tips that you can use :

1. Try not to use your Database on a Wi-Fi network just because during writing operation if a sudden network gets disconnected then the database gets corrupted.

2. You should split the database into two parts that are front- end, and back-end. The front-end includes the forms, reports, modules whose copy is present in each user system and the Back-end includes the table database which is shared on the network.

3. After completing your task, close your database incorrect manner. Try not to leave Database open unnecessarily.

4. To avoid Database corruption, run compact and repair command regularly.

5. Keep Backup regularly, so that if your Database gets corrupted then also your data will remain safe.


There are lots of chances that your database will get corrupted but then also try to follow prevention tips for keeping your data safe.

So, use the methods that I have mentioned above to repair corrupted Accdb file.

I hope this post will be helpful to you.

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