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10 Best iOS Development Tools to Build High-performing iPhone Apps

10 Best iOS Development Tools to Build High-performing iPhone Apps

OS has always proved to be the best in the industry with high-quality apps and engaging content. The platform has ensured to bring forward the best from all developers and serve the users with the best services for all time. This quality of iOS has attracted different developers to work with the platform in an efficient manner.

As developers are inclining more towards the development of iOS apps, it becomes necessary for them to understand several tools that can make the performance of the app better and more accessible.

Are you one of the developers who want to build high-performance apps? Stay tuned to get a detailed review of the tools you can use.

Tools to Build High-performing iPhone Apps

Documentation Tools:

1. Dash:

Dash is the code snippet manager that provides instant access to more than 200 API documentation which are set in offline mode. This allows the app developers to create their own documentation for iOS app development by making a choice that is ready to use and sets as per their requirement. The advantage of using this tool is it can be integrated with many third-party sources. These development tools are used by the iPhone application programmers to enable them to produce high-performing apps.


It is online documentation that consists of quick subscripts and variables. Swiftdoc is an auto-generated tool, from swift header file by allowing the developers to browse operators and protocols. It is auto generated documentation for swift. It provides hierarchy graphs to show all the protocols. It is online project documentation that is auto generated by the swift head of file containing instance variables inherited item and instance methods.


It is the best destination to use as an iOS designer professional. When typing iOS, we can find a range of creative iOS designs which have multiple designs including UI elements, full-screen designs, iOS icons, and other efficient designs for the iOS app development. It has multiple features which act as ints to develop apps by the iPhone application programmer.


It is exclusively designed for back-end services for iOS apps which offers some advanced techniques like data synchronization, in-app purchases, push notification facility, analytics and logging too. It is an open source framework tool that provides enough back end support for the iOS app developers by facilitating advanced features in apps. This solution is built on the rack web server interface. These are some of the important purposes of backend services for an iPhone application programmer to be familiarized with this platform.


It is a one-stop destination to store the data and to fulfill the API requirements. Firebase allows the developers to sync and store the data at the same time. Whenever the data changes, it will update the app on your mobile. It is the most important tool which acts as a backend service in iOS app development and it also acts as a server database and API. This tool mitigates the need to write the backend code for the developer to store the data and synchronize the data in real-time . The data can be updated and used in any device because whenever the data connection is unavailable the app powered by firebase can synchronize the current state as the data connectivity is in multiple devices.


It is one of the best debugging tools for iOS development. It is a design for debugging solution which has helped millions of developers to find errors. Hyperion offers three default plug-ins which include View inspector, Measurement plug-in, and Slow animation plug-in. This tool is preferred by a variety of users and application development companies across the world. Hyperion is an open-source which sits on the top of the plugins by allowing the developer to add on plugins and customize the tools which help in inspect measurements, attributes, and animations. It is the debug menu for an application in development that contains multiple plug-ins and the main feature of this tool is adding new plugins and removing those that are not in use. The hidden plug-in can be easily integrated into any app which includes IOS and Android. The crash plugin is displayed automatically when the application crashes during the development of a code and we can view the crash log without any hindrance.


It is a highly effective tool in the iOS tool list for monitoring the user experience. The experience of the user plays a major role in the success of iOS app development. The actions of the users are monitored accurately with the help of Raygun tools. It also helps developers to identify the errors and see the performance of the app and the difficulties faced by the users while using an iOS app. The errors found by this tool will be displayed on a dashboard with reports. It also helps to track errors with an online service for in-depth error diagnostics. This tool provides smart alerts to the developers who are operating on iOS applications.

8. XCode:

It acts as a source editor which opens quickly and helps in data recording by developing an integrated build system to help in completing the documentation for the iOS developers to solve live issues. This tool compiles the code more quickly, helping the developer to work fast. It is a smooth tool to work and edit by building own instruments with custom visualization. Xcode is one of the best iPhone app development tools that is devoted to highly engaging and popular apps on the iOS platform. With polished editors it allows the developers to create error-free codes with Syntax highlighting and the interface facilitates everything from the composition of the source code, debugging, and uploading to the app store in a single window. To comprehend the interface at first X code offers auto completion of Syntax by the side indicating its functionality. In the extension playground, the developer can test the codes offline whether they will run without pressing any button for saving or refreshing.


It is a smooth editor which is easy to use, reliable for iOS application development. It acts as a leading IDE which provides plenty of features to write code without much effort. The most important feature in code running is switching dark mode in macOS Mojave. It acts as a documentation sidebar with custom syntax color. It is a lightweight tool that app developers use to create a highly sophisticated and versatile application by debugging the code. It is a tool that works as an editor and helps the developers to run code in any programming language and this tool is lightweight, easy to use for iOS application development, and allows developers to test the codes without messing up the actual code and it comes forth with advanced code compilation which is one of the best IDE platforms. It also acts as a web inspector


Appcode is a reliable tool developed by Jetbrains. It takes care of the routine tasks by saving us from extra coding. It acts as a supporting tool for XCtest, kiwi, boost. test and google testing. It provides first-class QL editing and DBMS. The main features of Appcode are Codeanalysis, Intelligent code assistance, built-in tools, and integrations. The iOS app developers can use this tool to develop applications for all Apple platforms. The key benefit of using app code is it makes code writing and code analysis free and easy. It has two tools like IDE and editor tool to highlight the different coding errors which enable developers to make timely actions and correct the coding errors instantly without postponing them later.

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