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Blocked Drains - Signs, Hacks and Prevention

Blocked Drains - Signs, Hacks and Prevention

One of the most common reasons why the services of a plumber are requisitioned is a clogged drain. It is a problem that often occurs and creates a hassle for the whole household. A small clog may go unnoticed but can create a huge blunder in due course of time.

Signs That You Have a Blocked Drain

To rectify a problem, you need to first recognize what it is. The following are some warning signs that indicate that you have a blocked drain that needs some unclogging severe as soon as possible. It is also essential to recognize this problem in its inception because it can cause damage to your property and cause health problems for people and pets.

● Bad Smell:

This is one of the earliest warning signs of a blocked drain. You might notice a sewage-like foul smell emanating from drains or the toilet. The smells are similar to the cases in which people forget to flush. Sometimes it is even difficult to trace the source of this odour. Hence you must act soon and call for help.

● Gurgling Sounds:

These sounds indicate that the water is collecting in the pipe and pushing against it instead of draining. This sound is another factor that directly points to blocked drains. Do not try to put in chemicals that claim to clear the clog and instead seek the assistance of a professional.

● Slowing down of draining:

If you notice that while taking a shower, flushing the toilet or closing the tap after using the sink, the water collects for a longer period before going into the drain, then it is a sign of a blocked drain. The time for which the water pools before draining keeps on increasing as the problem gets worse. In the last instance, it leads to overflowing, which we will discuss in detail in our next point.

● Overflow of drain contents:

This is the ultimate sign of a blocked drain, after which an immediate solution is required. Usually, after using a water source, it goes down the drain. If the drain is throwing out its contents rather than pushing it downwards, then the blocked drain problem has reached its pinnacle. Overflow is the direct consequence of drain blockage.

The First Reaction

Through the course of this article will learn certain preventative measures that will reduce the instances of blocked drains. Now that you know what the problem is and its signs and symptoms, let us look at possible solutions.

● By using plungers

● By using boiling water

● By using caustic cleaners

● By using the hydro-jet technology

Our Roles to Prevent This

It is important not to burden your drains too much with solid debris. Drains are usually meant for fluids, and the addition of solid waste creates blockages. In kitchens, make sure to keep food particles from the plate away from the sink. Clean coffee grounds, food items and grease from the utensils before washing them in the sink. Make sure to cover your bathroom drains with a wire mesh to keep away hair and soap suds.

Do not let the hair flow inside the drain. Brush your hair before taking a shower. This helps in removing stray hair before they break away and reach the drain. If you are bathing your animal in the shower, make sure to cover the drains and manually clean the hair and throw it into the dustbin instead of letting it collect in the drain. One should not flush household waste or feminine hygiene products down the toilet.

All these measures will help nip the problem of blocked drains in the bud. Keep the contact number of a plumber handy. In case of an urgent situation step up and act smart.

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