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Five Ways To Ensure That Your Vehicle Will Pass The MOT Test

Five Ways To Ensure That Your Vehicle Will Pass The MOT Test

The Ministry Of Transport conducts a three-yearly test on vehicles to assess the emission level and safety standards. Accordingly, they award pass or fail certificates to the vehicles. If your vehicle fails this test, it will be declared ineligible to be driven on the roads. The vehicles have to go through several parameters for performance and durability checks.

It is very easy to pass the MOT test, yet it has a very high failure rate due to the owner's complacent behavior. If you run a routine check on your vehicle and take care of all the discrepancies, you can easily pass the test. Here is an article on five ways to ensure that your vehicle passes the MOT test.

Tyres should be in the pristine form

Car Tyres Newbury are a crucial aspect of a vehicle’s handling and performance, and they are also one of the major drivers of road safety. Therefore, you must ensure that they are in good condition before appearing for the MOT Newbury. Discussed below are the different pointers about a tyre that you must pay attention to:

Tread depth: European Safety Standards dictate that safe tread depth is 1.6mm. For this purpose, take a penny and put it in the treads; if half of the penny is visible, you must replace your tyres.

Optimum pressure: The recommended tyre pressure is mentioned either on the fuel cap or the driver’s door. Screw-in a pressure gauge in the tyre’s valve and note the readings; accordingly, inflate or deflate your tyres.

Sidewalls’ condition: Sidewalls’ condition can be assessed by looking at the outer wall. If too many cracks or bulges are visible, replace your tyres.

Manufacturing date: Average age of a good tyre is ten years from the manufacturing date, printed on the sidewalls in the form of a four-digit code.

The windshield must be clear

The windshield must be of dust and debris and ensure complete and clear visibility. For this purpose, thoroughly wash the windscreen and also recharge the car’s water tank. If you spot any crack on the windshield that is wider than 1cm, replace it.

Additionally, ensure that your wipers respond accurately to the driver’s input and are clean.

Lights should function properly

The brake lights, tail lamp, headlamp, indicator lights are crucial for road safety, and they must be free of any irregularities. If you spot flickering or a fused bulb, replace the light immediately. Also, the brightness of the lamps should be according to road safety measures.

Recharge the oils

The automobile oils act as lubricants for the moving parts and minimize the friction between them. In the MOT test Newbury, vehicles are pushed to the limits to check emission level and noise pollution. For this reason, ask your fuel station to mix engine oil in the fuel for better performance.

Additionally, recharge the brake oils for improved efficiency and the coolants to keep the engine’s temperature in check. If you want to check the oils’ condition, pop the hood and locate the oil chambers.

Take care of the registration plate

Your registration plate is a part of the legal document, and it should be clear and visible. If your license plate has any discrepancies, you can be charged for obstruction of justice. For this reason, ensure that the plate is tightly fixed in its place and all the fonts are according to the road safety measures. Also, take note of the font size; they should be clear enough to be read from a distance.

Additionally, the bulb over the registration plate should give clear visibility at night.

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