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4 Tricks That Can Help You Get Through CFA Exams

4 Tricks That Can Help You Get Through CFA Exams

If you are one of those candidates who are gearing up for CFA exams for a better career scope then you are in the right place. We all know how tough it can be to clear the tough levels of CFA exams.

In fact, thousands of students struggle to ace this exam every year. There are several private institutes that give out training and study resources such as Schweser Material to prepare for one of the toughest examinations. Despite that students fail to get through on their first attempt.

A major reason lies here is that the courses for these exams are too long while the preparation days are short. This is why it is tough for students to cover all the courses and retain that information.

However, systematic studying and implementation of the right techniques can help a candidate to ace these exams. The below list are some simple tips that you can adopt to clear the tough three levels of CFA and that too at your very first attempt. Continue to read till the end to find out.

1. Study for a long interval

As said earlier, the syllabus for CFA exams is huge and many candidates fail to complete the entire course as the time of preparation is too short. This is why it is all the more important to study and prepare for a long interval.

So, if you are about to give your exams in the month of June then you have to start studying from January month itself. Otherwise, you’ll be struggling too hard to cover the entire syllabus.

And by the time you complete it, there will be no time left for revisions or refresher courses. You have to dedicate yourself to long interval study sessions to ace these exams.

2. Give mock exams

Mock exams are a highly recommended study exercise that almost every training institute asks their candidates to follow. The results you get out of these mock exams will help you identify your weak points or areas where you need improvement.

However, mock exams only work to give you accurate insights into your preparation so far if it is based and treated as an actual exam. These exams can also help you to get rid of the anxiousness that you may feel.

3. Self-evaluation for a month

If you wish to get through CFAs in your very first attempt then it is essential to commit yourself for self-evaluation at least a month prior to the examinations. You will be able to detect your area of weakness.

This is the time when you adopt rigorous actions to rectify the mistakes. Thus, dedicating yourself for self-evaluation is a crucial step that every CFA exam candidate must take.

4. Take a break

However, just because you are appearing for one of the toughest exams doesn’t mean you have no time to take a break. If you think that then it’s a wrong approach for you.

Overworking your brain can mess with your preparations. Hence, taking a break is also an important step in your preparation. Take some time out of your busy schedule to do what you love. This will refresh your mind and help you prepare better for the studies as well.


The above listed are essential tricks that one can implement for their preparation of CFA exams. Along with your study resources like Schweser material and other training guidelines, the list of tricks will help you ace these exams smoothly.

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