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10 Must-Haves For Your Honeymoon To Make It More Memorable

10 Must-Haves For Your Honeymoon To Make It More Memorable

Being a packing pro might be your bragging identity among friends but filling a suitcase for your honeymoon is no easy task. It is not your bachelorette party where you can just daze off with a backpack filled with the usual stuff. After a lovely wedding night leaving for your honeymoon can be overwhelming and you are bound to forget one or another must-have.

To make sure you don’t forget the most essential stuff in your honeymoon journey, you need a checklist. Such a list is also important to avoid plenty of shopping in an unknown destination where you may end up paying more than the store near your house. So, creating a checklist can help you with the honeymoon packing. Here, we are going to discuss the ten things that you must have on the checklist for your honeymoon.

#1. Honeymoon Essentials

These are the boring items that you might not like to think about or even might skip your mind. Some of this stuff can be

Your passport(of course!), and ID cards

Boarding passes, and confirmed tickets

A Visa if going abroad

Bank cards

Copies of travel insurance

Emergency contacts listed in a card

Travel adaptors

A first aid kit

Earplugs, neck pillow, and eye mask

#2. Reader’s Paradise

Whether you are a reader or not, including a good read in your honeymoon checklist can work wonders. But, if you think that adding a romantic novel to your honeymoon packaging is just another dead weight, then here is something interesting to know; Romantic novels have one-third market share from all the mass market fictional novels.

So, add some romantic novels and even experiment with some books that are more intimate on your honeymoon, especially before going to bed.

#3. Getting Honeymoon Smart

Honeymoons are all about spending time with your loved ones, but using smart devices can be great if done right! Though you should not stick with more smartphone time, choosing other smart devices is not bad. A must-have should be a smart speaker that can play a romantic song on your demand.

With the surge in smart technologies like voice recognition and the Internet of Things, there are more interesting devices to carry around on your honeymoon. Take an example of a GPS tag, that can connect wirelessly with your smartphone, and help you find your personal belongings tagged with the device.

#4. Lingerie

A honeymoon is also about cozy and intimate with your partner. So, you are not going to impress your partner by dressing up as a nun! So, lingerie becomes the ultimate attire to look sexy and allow your partner to get attracted. There are many different types of lingerie in the market from classic corsets to the amazing sensual attire that makes your partner excited.

This is not just for all the divas planning their attire for honeymoon, men can also think of carrying some lingerie. A classic bodysuit or wrestler’s attire can be great to showcase your macho style to the partner.

#5. Pleasure Toys

It might look odd at the first instance but using a pleasure toy like a vibrator or even a sleeve is not a bad idea. However, one of the most interesting stuff to carry with you on the honeymoon is a lubricant, because whether you choose an adult toy or even go for natural love-making, lubrication makes it more fun.

If you are suffering from problems like Erectile Dysfunction(ED) can include pleasure toys like a penis pump, penial sleeves, and girth enhancers. These devices can help you enhance the love-making performance and enjoy superior romantic moments with your partner.

#6. Sunburn Prevention Tools

If you are considering a honeymoon on the beaches of Hawai or any such location, sunburn can be a real problem to deal with. So, one of the first things to include in the honeymoon packing to save yourself from sunburn is SPF5 cream or body lotion and a lip balm.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It refers to the theoretical amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned by applying the cream with that specific number. For example, SPF15 cream or lotion can allow you to stay about 15 times longer than exposure without any protection.

At the same time, going without protection does not necessarily affect you instantly but takes about 20 minutes to give your skin a reddish tan. It is an indication that you need to apply for some protection and extend the stay in the sun.

#7. Seasonal Clothing

Going in woolens on the beach is like adding a heater in the dessert. So, take your woolens into the honeymoon planned in winters and your swimwear for beaches. Especially if you are visiting a country like Dubai or Egypt choosing white cotton can be fruitful. As these clothes can help feel relaxed even in hot weather.

#8. Essential Oils

Carrying essential oils like sesame or coconut oil can be great for your honeymoon-HOW? Well, these oils are known for their rich nourishment that allows the skin cells to rejuvenate and offer a refreshing feel. Especially when you are relaxing on a beach with your partner and having a sip of beer, being massaged with these oils can enhance your stay.

Essential oils can be great for sensual massages also leads to amazing intimacy and helps make the honeymoon more romantic.

#9. Footwear Collection

It is not about literally filling an extra suitcase with all the favorite footwear you have or even go on a shopping spree for it. But, yes choosing the right footwear for the honeymoon does make sense. For example, using flip-flops or even sandals on beaches is great at the same time you will not want to experience the chilly wind of cold mountains freeze your feet if you are to visit Switzerland.

So, choose the apparel and footwear based on the honeymoon destination, weather, and comfort of wearing.

#10. A Surprise

Surprising your partner is always special even on a honeymoon. The surprise gift can be anything; a piece of jewelry, sexy lingerie, or even an adult toy kit to explore the adventures of intimacy on a honeymoon. Though if you are planning to gift something unique like an adult toy, try to understand the state of your partner’s mind or even liking before going for it as consent is an important factor here.


A honeymoon is like a charming period in your life. A time when you are with the one person you want to be with and enjoy each moment. So, making it more fun and amazing will be your priority. These ten things can help you enhance your time at the honeymoon, and make it memorable forever. 

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