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How Does Wedding Planner Application Work?

How Does Wedding Planner Application Work?

Weddings can be amazing!!! But planning them can be exhausting. After all, there are excess of things to take care of, lots and lots of planning to take care of. This makes the complete process way too chaotic. Of course, unless you're into event and wedding planning business.

With additional things that keep adding themselves up for the chaos, we are only left with an option to take care of the basic preparation during the lunch hours, weekends, and the mini-break we hardly manage sneaking from our schedules. But how about having a friend by your side? Someone who is with you 24/7 and helps you retain track of all the things. Priceless, ain’t it?

And that’s wherever our appreneurs got a thought of developing a wedding planner mobile app. If you're one among those who look forward to venturing into the era of Mobile App Development with wedding applications, congratulations, you are at right page.

In our comprehensive orientate the way to develop a Wedding Planning Mobile App, we’ll assist you discover what makes the marketing promising for your growth, how can you able to pursue with the thought, what options can you choice from and how, and a great deal additional.

Let’s dive in to now better!!!

How Wedding Planning Application Work?

Weddings are thought to be nice. On the contrary, it’s tough to manage the tasks of the marriage ceremony. Is a wedding one-day event? No, it’s a pile of planning that makes the day ‘a great success.’

That’s why wedding planning stays exceptional today; the grooms and brides are taking the help of wedding planners.

Nowadays, a marriage designing business demands to hire Mobile App Developers. They'll develop a mobile app that will meet the requirements to strengthen your clients to choose a venue for his or her ‘Big Day’ and take advantage of other custom or built-in features.

One should detain track that incorporating everything is an immense task. And here enters a wedding planner who can prove to be an excellent help.

But, there exist a lot of tasks that require others and the bride and the groom as well, to perform hard for creating their day special. That’s why a wedding planning Mobile App Development is that the best plan. It permits the marriage planners to be there for his or her customers.

General Features in a Wedding Planner App

Admin Panel Event Manager/ Vendor/

Suppliers Panel User Panel

• Registration

• Manage Profile

• Manage Customers

• Manage vendors/ event managers/suppliers

• Manage wedding service category/subcategory

• Manage wedding checklist

• Manage wedding eStore

• Customer review and rating management

• Create/modify subscription plans

• Manage CRM

• Manage content with CMS

• Manage community/Forum

• Reports and Real Time analytics

• Manage Weddings Styles

• Push Notifications

• Manage vendor/supplier commissions and earning • Social Signup/Login

• Create/Manage Business profile

• Manage inquiries and bookings

• Manage Catalog

• Set and manage availability preferences

• Accept online payments

• Request for reviews

• Call and Chat with Users

• Track attending guests

• Manage employees

• Task Management

• Create/ Export reports

• Alerts & Push Notifications

• Track Customer Payments & Earnings • Social Signup and Login

• View Event organizers/vendors

• Filter event organizers/vendors/service providers based on location/price

• Refine the search based on service needed (make up, catering, etc.)

• View vendors profile, reviews, ratings, and portfolio.

• Call and Chat with vendors

• Vendor profile sharing

• Search wedding venues based on location

• Filters through wedding styles

• Create a wedding checklist

• Wedding Budget calculator

• Create/Manage the guest list

• Create/Send online invitations to guests

• Create/View Wedding Albums

• Online shop with wedding products

• Multiple payment options

• Add manual bookings in app

• Map for the location for vendors

• Wedding countdown

• Write reviews and ratings

Additional Features of Wedding Planning App:

CMS Integration: This is important for managing the pages like about us, FAQs, Contact us, privacy guidelines and all such which are usually handled by the administration.

CRM Integration: CRM integration is using for taking care of the customer care department

Real-time Analytics and Dashboards: All the different business-related information like the number of downloads, e-commerce purchases, types of services available and all such can be known using this feature.

Push Notifications: Integrating the wedding application with push notification will help in letting the user know the status of the services.

Payment integration: Payment integration is important to make the process of payment easy and secure. Because lots of people will be using different payment gateways, hence it is vital to have integration with different payment options like a credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc.

In-App Chat: All the various service providers like florist, organizers and wedding planners can have a familiar platform for discussing the plan of action with the help of In-App Chat feature.

Gallery Integration: Gallery serves best in displaying the user with different themes, wedding attire, make-up, and all such. Also, this will serve for the promotion of the application.

In-app Camera Integration: This feature helps in sharing the pictures of the events easily without the need to go to the gallery and then upload.

Chat Bot: Within the application, the user can get automated chat support using machine learning technology.

Social Media Integration: This feature helps in sharing the pictures of the event on the different social media platforms

Blogs: Different views regarding the wedding plans can be shared via Blog.

Refined Search: As per the requirement of the user, they can surf the application and their required things.

Ratings and Reviews: User can share their expertise via ratings and reviews. It will help other peoples in having an idea related the services.

Calendar Integration: This feature helps in getting remainders, thus reducing the chance to miss any of the important tasks

Multi-lingual: Multi-lingual will help the people of different languages to coordinate and work smoothly

Customer loyalty program: Surprising the loyal customers with different offers and discounts timely will certainly help in keeping the application reputation high.

Final Words

A mobile application for the business has not simply remained as a luxury to own. If you are seriously into the business of wedding planning, you should consider taking into account having your app engineered. Weddings are usually happening every day in the world. You can't imagine the growth you could earn if your wedding planning application was built in the right way.

Going through all this, it is clear that wedding planning applications are easy enough, considering you do it with full care. Further, all the aspects mentioned in the article are directly linked to Developing a Wedding Planning Mobile App from scratch. All you need to do is to sit back and decide what you want in your application.

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