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 physique and hot bodies that you view in magazines, billboards, ads and in movies has encouraged people to get great bodies too. They resort not only joining the gym but trying to work around their diet.Pool Team Name

What is somotropin

Somotropin is a kind of human growth hormone helps for the growth of muscles and bones. Somotropin is a type of rHGH medication – a drug that people are looking too for the bulking up purpose. This drug initially was for people suffering severe wasting of muscle mass such as cancer and AIDS.

Medical uses of somotropin

It is used in children who have the deficiency of the growth hormone which lead them to have less growth and muscle mass.

The patients who are suffering from chronic kidney failures are prescribed somotropin.

There are various syndromes which require the usage of somotropin Noonan, turner, Prader-Willi syndromes.

When not to use somotropin

If the patient is suffering from cancer, eye disease caused by diabetes, lung failure due to serious illness, injury or trauma of surgery, obesity and breathing problems etc. Will not allow you to qualify for using somotropin.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding somotropin usage is best avoided.

Dosage of somotropin

The brand and the ailment that you are being treated for will determine the dosage. This medication is injected into the muscle. Care should be taken that somotropin isn’t injected in the same place twice in a row. The medication should not be shaken before usage. Frequent blood tests are required to find out the functionality of the drug on your body.

If you have missed a dose than take the next scheduled dose and don’t take extra one for the skipped dose.

Effects of overdose

Increased hunger, body tremors, breaking out cold sweats, headache, drowsiness, weakness, increase in heart beat, dizziness, vomiting etc. A long term overdose may cause giant like growth of the body.

Side effects of somotropin

Some have allergic reaction such as swelling, hives difficulty in breathing.

The feeling of nausea and blurring of vision with pain in-between the eyes.

There would an experience of pain in the hip or knees and patient may walk with a limp.

The are cases where patients have reported ear pain, swelling, drainage or even warmth.

Increase in the sugar level which gives rise to a fruity odour in the mouth with the dryness pronounced. Extreme hunger and drowsiness. There is blurring of vision. The necessity to urinate frequently and weight loss is also observed.

There are also cases of severe pain in the upper abdomen leading to back pain, vomiting and increase in heart rate.

The above system are rare and in between but the common occurrences are

Pain and itching on the site of injected area, dry skin.

The swelling and rapid gain in weight can be observed.

There is bound to be muscle and joint pain.

There is cause of headache too.

Hence, the somotropin drug is sparingly used and it is better not to mess with the human growth hormone.

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