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How to start preparing for UPSC?

How to start preparing for UPSC?

UPSC Civil Services is the most sought after government examination in the country. It has a colonial root and hence it is considered as one among the most prestigious examination in the whole. Because of the success rate of 0.001%, it is one among the toughest examination in the country.

Every year lakhs and lakhs of students prepare for the examination and aim for the privileged job. The Best IAS Academy in Bangalore tells you about the examination pattern and eligibility criteria of UPSC CSE.

But who do so many students opt for Civil Services? Few aspirants even leave their jobs to get into the services. Why is so? Let us understand.

What is UPSC Civil Services?

Civil Services is an examination that is conducted annually by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit the officers for All India and Group A and Group B services. They are a total of 24. To get a complete detail about all the services, you can follow the online forum of Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore.

The All India Services include Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, and India Forest Services.

Few Group A services are, Indian Foreign Services, Indian Audit & Accounts Service, Indian Civil Accounts Service, Indian Corporate Law Service, Indian Defense Accounts Service etc.

Group B services are DANIPS, DANICS, Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Services etc.

The Civil Services examination is conducted in three phases that is prelims, mains and interview. The aspirant has to score optimally well in all of the three stages to be able to get a service of their preference. To get an idea about all the stages in brief, you must follow Best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore.

The pre requisites for UPSC CSE preparation

Now that you know about UPSC Civil Services Examination you must know the prerequisites to for the examination. An examination with such a vast syllabus and prolonged stages of examination needs right approach and consistent hard work. You cannot clear it like you clear the other examinations. It requires a lot of precision and perseverance. The UPSC coaching classes in Bangalore gives you firsthand experience about the preparation techniques.

Before beginning to prepare for UPSC, you should keep in mind the following things:-

• The syllabus of UPSC Civil Services. It is easily available on the official website of UPSC or you can download it from the homepage of Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore.

• You should know about the marking scheme, cut off and eligibility criteria of the examination.

• You must know the precise booklist and right study material for the preparation.

• You should be clear about the optional subject you will choose. For a understanding about the right choice of optional you can take advice from the mentors in Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka.

• You should be ready to dedicate 1-2 years of your life for the UPSC preparation knowing that it might be fruitless.

• You should be mentally prepared for the grind and cost UPSC preparation will incur.

How to start the preparation?

The preparation of civil services isn’t like any other examination. It requires extreme patience and diligence. You must prepare a right study plan and a time table or routine for yourself. You should be in the habit of sitting for long durations of study sessions for over a period of 1 year. One year is an average time that UPSC CSE requires.

For knowing how to prepare a plan for yourself, you can interact with the experts in the Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore. The study plan will be of no use if you don’t know how to stick to it. The most important thing in the preparation is the Discipline. You must stick to a plan and you must follow the routine.

You should make a subject wise strategy for the completion of all the books. You must set daily targets and try and achieve it. You must make your personal notes because it would be easy to revise them. The Civil Services Coaching Institutes in Bangalore has devised easy to understand study material for the aspirants to reduce the burden on them.

The aspirants should be aware of the daily insights and happenings. Current affairs play a huge role in the civil services examination. It can be a game changer if pursued with utmost perfection. A track of national and international news along with strong static portion will fetch the aspirants with brownie points. The IAS Coaching in Bangalore understand this and provide daily news coverage and explanation to support the preparation of students.

Bottom line

UPSC Civil Services Examination gives the aspirants enough knowledge about the happenings of the world. It makes them be ahead of the ordinary population. You become and informed and responsible citizen once you have prepared for the UPSC CSE. You must keep in mind the motive purpose of your preparation and never give up.

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