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We all need a good vacation to take a break from our respective busy lives. A breather is always necessary for your life, a breeze of fresh air is a must to keep you active and let you focus on your work. Through a vacation, we can spend that much-needed quality time with our loved ones, which we often miss due to peer pressure of workload. So, when given a chance, we should always make the most out of it and we are here to help you choose that destination vacation with your family.

The 5 best international family holiday 

The Maldives

Located within the Arabian sea, there lies this small island. The Maldives is a collection of coral islands and beaches with beautiful gardens and a delicate surrounding.

One of the most beautiful of all places to enjoy your holiday with family would be the Maldives. Widely known for its beaches, islands, the clear skies, crystal clear waters and the atmosphere that it provides, it is totally surreal and beyond magical. There are a lot of popular places to roam around in the Maldives.

From underwater activities like scuba diving to visiting various islands like the popular ‘Halaveli’ and ‘Dhigu’ islands and experiencing their culture provides an exciting vacation. The view it offers is all worth it.

For the various packages that you can afford accordingly, the packages start at 34,990/- per person for 4 days and 3 nights, (flights inclusive)

You can also get cheap and affordable hotels at reasonable prices.

For booking the package and hotel reservations, log into www.yatra.com

Bali, Indonesia

Mostly known for its sand beaches and forested mountains, this place also resembles a lot of religious sentiments along with it. The place also has some particular unique places to visit. Apart from these, Bali is unmatched for its charm of having some great bars, spas and shopping malls along with underwater treats like scuba diving in the crystal clear waters.

The best family package for Bali with 7 days and 6 nights comes at a whopping price of 53,763/- per person (flights and hotel inclusive)

Hence, you would not need to stress upon the hotel bookings and reservation factors.

For booking the package, log into www.yatra.com


It is considered as a far fetched dream for every one of you out there to once in their life plan a vacation trip to Europe, with their family.

Europe is filled with historical monuments and has a rich history of archaeological sites to visit. From the mysteriously beautiful Italy to the German culture and heritage sites. From the french classics to Bulgarian foods, there are a lot of countries to visit in Europe. Lots of people visit this continent to experience the majestic beauty that this continent offers. The best time to visit Europe will be from early April to mid-September.

For the holiday package of east Europe, for 6 days and 5 nights, it is a whopping 82,990/- per person (inclusive of flights and hotel) so you won’t have to hassle over those.

Apart from this, there are several other packages for particular European countries available at a reasonable price. To check them out, log into www.makemytrip.com


To get a luxury travel experience and enjoy delicate views and places ranging from glamorous shopping malls to extravagant hotels, Dubai should be your one-stop destination to visit. This country proudly sponsors tourism and travel destinations and has resources full of entertainment for every age group. With sky-touching monuments and a delicate architecture all embedded around the country, Dubai embraces its tourists with open arms.

If you want a cosy, delicate and extravagant holiday vacation with your family and if you afford such class and premium offerings, then Dubai is the destination holiday visit for you and your family. Apart from these, there are lots of extreme sports activities like skydiving and free falls which are quite popular around here. There are also a lot of places to visit for the kids, ranging from the water parks as well as other theme parks out there.

For the package, it starts at 34,990/- per person (flights inclusive only) for 5 days and 4 nights plan.

You can also check the other available packages by logging into www.yatra.com


It is one of the most advanced and well-developed countries in Asia. Majorly known for its business agendas and industrialist hubs out there.

This country attracts a lot of attention from tourists and travellers. Say, whether for its high-cost way of living or the places it offers for worth having a trip to, this is one of the most tourist attracted Places.

From its beautiful cloud forest to the adventure-filled water caves and botanical gardens are worth having a look. The people travelling to this place are always in for a treat.

The packages start at 59,990/- per person (inclusive of flights) for a 5 day and 4 nights package.


You can consider going there along with your family and spend some perfect time. For more information regarding the travel and package, you can log into www.yatra.com.

I hope this article helps you choose the best holiday destination with your family!

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