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Things You should Do and Avoid after LASIK Eye Surgery

Things You should Do and Avoid after LASIK Eye Surgery

Have you recently performed a LASIK surgery? If yes, then there are certain things you can expect such as freedom from wearing your lenses and eye glasses, clear vision and great feeling of arising in the morning with improved eyesight. You need to consult with the eye specialists who will try their best to improve vision of people with a LASIK and perform other vision methods. Patients should know about different methods to keep their eyes protected after performing an operation. If you want to have healthy vision throughout your lifetime, then read on to know about certain things you should avoid post LASIK surgery.

Things you should do after LASIK

  • Once the surgery is done, it is suggested to take rest in a shady room. Also, you need to sleep for at least two to three hours after your laser eye surgery.
  • You need to use eye drops frequently to avoid any kind of infection, inflammation and tears to heal eyes and moisturize them. Dry eyes are common after the procedure is done.
  • After you use eye drops, it is advised to close your eyes for at least 5 minutes and allow eyes to soak properly in medicine.
  • Manage eye drops before you may use ointments for your eyes. This enables medicine to reach into the eyes at first and then begin to work quickly.
  • Make sure you clean the eyelids rim by using sterile tissue and in a delicate way.
  • Try to blink your eyes frequently as this can lessen the level of discomfort, keep eyes moisturized and prevent the problem of dry eyes.
  • Clean face daily without touching eyes.
  • Wash hands properly before you may touch anything that can enter into the eyes.
  • Wear a protective sunglass when you want to go out on the day post surgery to avoid scarring due to sunlight.
  • For the week post surgery, you need to wear protective shields for eyes at the time of sleeping. The shield can help from touching eyes while you sleep.

Recovery time for LASIK surgery

The time needed to recover after a surgery is based on pre surgery prescription and body’s response to the procedure. Since everyone is different, your eyes will be different too and they should heal quickly. Many patients want to follow their daily routine by the next day itself. This will depend on your normal routine when you find some difference in the eyesight immediately. In case of quick recovery, you should listen to the recommendations of your eye specialist and ask necessary questions if you do not know anything.

 Things you need to prevent after LASIK

  • You should keep the eyes away from pollen, dust or other air particles. If there is something in the eyes, you should flush properly with artificial tears. The procedure will enable to remove anything in the eyes without rubbing.
  • You should not wash your hair for a few days after undergoing a LASIK surgery. When you take a shower, see that the stream of water do not hit directly into the face.
  • Avoid taking out your protective eye shield at the first day as your eyes will remain extremely sensitive after vision correction.
  • Make sure you do not rub eyes with unclean hands. You need to shift the corneal flap to prevent damaging eyes and causing further infection.
  • Do not put water in your eyes for at least 2 weeks. The two things that should go into the eyes are eye drops and artificial tears.
  • When cleaning eyes, make sure you don’t use tap water as it is not sterile.
  • Do not go to swimming for 3 weeks as the water in hot tubs, swimming pools and ocean may carry higher levels of bacteria that should be avoided anyhow.
  • Your eye surgeon will not to perform any exercise for at least 1 week after the laser eye surgery.
  • You should not wear any kind of eye makeup for at least one month post surgery. When you can go back to wearing your makeup, make sure it is removed gently in the downward motion for two weeks.
  • Restrict the time you can spend by looking at the computer screens for 3 days.
  • Do not go to smoking areas and keep your eyes protected from harmful contaminants.

Blurred vision and halos are major concerns after LASIK

One of the common symptoms is when you suffer from blurry vision and see halos which seems like you have a filter 24/7. It might be an uneasy feeling for some patients and they should not drive when they have such symptoms. So, your cornea will be at the stabilization phase after which you can have clear vision. It is suggested that you discuss about all symptoms to your eye surgeon at The Lasik as he can tell what you should do for improved vision.

Apart from the things to avoid post LASIK surgery, you should remain slightly less active after receiving LASIK eye surgery. You do not need expose your eyes to certain situations or areas where there can be extreme risk.



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