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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a service is one of the things organizations desires to know, because of its positive feedback, recovery system and management procedures.

It is more commonly and popularly known as DraaS, in its short form.

Draas is a famous model based on cloud computing service.

It allows organization and people to backup their data and important files on time before any sort of unwanted situation happens.

However, these things happen on a third party cloud computing environment which is highly safe. And all this goes on a SaaS solution to give you immediate recovery after any unwanted situation occurs.

And when we talk about DraaS, it means that the organizations do not have to own any of the peace of hardware that is used to backup and protect the data from these types of mishappenings.

In this case a third party is offers all these services to the same organization as a service provider, and will do all the tasks that are disaster enduring website needs to do in order to secure themselves.

A lot of people today sometime take backup and disaster recovery as the same thing but this is not the truth.

There is a thin line difference between the two of them.

Disaster recovery helps the organization to get on its tracks again to ensure the proper running of the organization once again after any unwanted event occurs.

Whereas, on the other hand backup services only offer the backup of the company’s or the organization’s files.

That too the files that they have offered to backup for future misfortunes and no other unexpected cause elements are covered in this scenario or within it.

To give disaster recovery as a service we firstly need to understand, what are the main causes that cause these types of disasters to happens.

There are many reasons by which these disasters can occur, rather than complicating these things lets discuss some of them:-

Natural Disasters

Disaster recovery plays a very important role in the natural disaster recovery sector.

As when such natural disasters for example earthquake, tsunami or flood occurs, there are not much companies who can do to protect themselves from these type of disasters.

Such type of disasters makes these companies helpless.

At the same time if you are offering your disaster recovery services to such companies who do not have disaster management.

It will make your market a whole lot efficient and better in terms of service providing as your customers will be happy and satisfied with your services.

This opens a whole lot of new opportunities for you and your business as well.

Power Outrage

The failure of equipment and equipment damage is one of the most prevailing problems of today’s companies for online presence. A power outage also contributes a lot of damage to the company’s digital image.

So, to avoid such type of issues, disaster recovery as a service is very good choice to such companies.

It makes new ways for your business to grow even more and flourishing in the terms of good business of helping other companies flourish.

This is a servers as a win-win situation for both of the host and the provider companies.

Malicious and Malware Attacks

Now a day when some cyber-criminal wants to attack a organization in order to harm it.

They generally try to use malicious malware attacks to fetch sensitive information or to perform a security breach or something that is equally as bad.

When these type of things happens disaster recovery as a service comes to play and helps other organization to restore their business and start running it back once again as if nothing bad have happened to their business.

All these things are only possible for a business if they use DRaaS.

Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks is one of the most feared attacks in today’s world. As it can damage multi-million organizations in just a matter of few minutes.

These type of cyberattacks lead to the downfall of many such organizations and even today a lot of companies had to face such attacks and bear the cost of low security with a lot negative return.

This is the place where DraaS comes into place and helps people to get back to business at quick and easily with its help.

Insider Attacks

Insider attacks are one of the worst kinds of nightmare for a company which can damage your firms reputation.

Suppose an insider i.e. your employee from your company who is working for you for more than few years.

Who is having a good employee record and have been deriving the best results for you.

But suddenly does something which ruins your company over night!!

These things mainly happen because the employees in an organization are not provided with proper training on the organizational security.

These are the kind of scenarios which can’t be resolved quickly and are very dangerous for obvious reasons and the instant solution to them is disaster recovery as a service.

Draas will help the organization to restore their business. So that they can work to the original form.

This will enable them to work as usual even after they have been struck with such a bad mishappening.


As a conclusion we can say that DraaS is a very useful thing to implement in one’s website and it has a lot of benefits.

So, Draas can be useful for all sort of companies weather its small or a large.

Its services are very useful in this digital era. You should at least think about once to get your hands on draas and feel the difference between normal security and backup measures and DraaS.

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I am Swati Jain the content writer and seo executive at Hostnetindia. Hostnetindia provides all types of web services at a very cheap price like VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Shared Hosting, Gsuite, SSL Certificate and mnay more services.

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