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Things to Remember While Designing Your Flyer

Things to Remember While Designing Your Flyer

Flyers are unfolded sheets used as advertisement tools. It is the cheapest marketing option and traditional, but we can still use it in this technological era as according to experts, flyers are best to attract new people towards your business.

Flyer printing companies provide their services at a meager cost, and they are efficacious. There is no denying that there are plenty of effective digital marketing strategies available out there, but most businesses need printed marketing material to bring an audience towards your online platform.

This article will discuss some pointers, dimensions, and pros and cons related to flyer designing.

Tips for Flyer Designing

Sketch Your Strategy -

You can't directly design your flyer. Preparation and planning are the essential preliminary steps to sketch your strategy.

• First, remember your goal behind the flyer making, like why are you making a flyer? Or what will be the impact and result?

• Secondly, know that how this flyer printing will help you further in your future strategies.

• Thirdly, who is your targeted audience for this flyer distribution campaign? It includes demographics of the place where you want to advertise this flyer.

• Fourthly, your flyer should have a unique element that the reader can easily remember, which will help the customer find your products easily.

Outline the Design –

Designing your flyer is the most crucial step as it is the only way to increase the reader's curiosity.

• Your flyer design should have attractive use of color schemes. As different colors have different meanings.

• You should know what elements you want to highlight in your flyer. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner, you can highlight your upcoming holiday event deals like Christmas and Halloween deals.

• To make your flyer printing attractive, you need to use the graphics intelligently, as visuals play a significant role in the advertisement.

• You want to make your flyer like a standard shape or change the flyer's shape.

Design Your Flyer –

Understand the strategy and outline? Great! Now start designing your flyer.

Printing and Distribution –

After you've designed your flyer digitally, now it's time to print and distribute

• First, decide which flyer printing technique you will use. It can be digital printing or offset printing.

• Decide the thickness of the paper and the number of copies you need.

• Now test the print, analyze your design graphics, typography and others.

• After analyzing, print the copies and distribute them digitally and physically.

Dimensions of Flyers

There aren't specific dimensions, you can choose any size, but there are some standard dimensions.

• Half Sheet Flyer – 5.5 × 8.5 inches.

• Standard – 8.5 × 11 inches.

• Large format – 11 × 17 inches.


Everything has its pros and cons, similarly using flyers as a communication medium also has pros and cons. Let's dig out the pros and cons of flyers designing.



Flyers are the low-cost, effective approach to marketing. You design a flyer one time and make numerous copies to distribute. The vital point is you can get hundreds of fliers at a pretty low cost. Mainly, the flyers are distributed or posted on busy areas so bystanders of these places can see and get information easily.

Easy way to Deliver a Message – Flyers communicate essential and relevant information in a compact form. The distribution of these flyers is face-to-face. As a result, the receiver can easily ask for any query from the distributor.

Easily Produced – For making flyers, you only need ink, paper and design. It takes less time to produce flyers, and on the same day, you can launch them. Other marketing methods take days and months to get into the final shape. Here, professional designers are not needed but recommended.

Physical Reminder – The advertising messages that we receive on the internet remain in our inbox, and after seeing them at once, we don't even see them again. But we put flyers on the table or desk or paste them on the refrigerators, which gave us the physical reminder.

Easy to Read – Flyers provide concise details accurately, and it is easy for potential customers to read and understand them. The font and style should be legible for the reader. The illustrations and the information should be brief and short.

Versatile – It's not only just a marketing tool, but it also provides a brand identity. In flyers, discounts, deals and coupons are also included, offering an incentive to the reader or your customer.


Easily discarded – The flyer's design should be tempting, as dull and boring designs of the flyer make the reader throw it in the dustbin. That is why flyers have a low life span and have no long-term impact. Therefore, the headlines, font and design should be enticing and have the ability to gain the reader's attention at one glance. To make a prolonged impact, make your campaign consistent.

Distribution – When doing mass distribution of the flyers, you should hire professional flyer printing and designing experts. Thus, it becomes costly and labor-intensive.



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