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Know the Pros and Cons of Changing Tyre Size

Know the Pros and Cons of Changing Tyre Size

The tyres of your vehicle don’t just provide you with a safe ride, but they also add to your vehicle's aesthetic appearance. You can’t deny the fact that they are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They play a mammoth role in providing you with a safe and secure ride. We often feel that it’s the design, make and colour of the car that makes it attractive. However, the fact is, tyres are equally responsible for taking the face value of your car a notch higher.

Apart from this, tyres are a powerhouse of performance. The engine alone is not responsible for providing speed to your vehicle. The size of the tyres also matters a lot in this. Many people aren’t satisfied with the size of the tyres that the manufacturer gives them.

That’s when they look for a change in the size. Most cars do come with the feature of increasing your tyre size. Still, there’s a catch here. The diameter of your Bridgestone tyres Nuneaton should be within the limit of two per cent of the tyres provided by the manufacturer.

Suppose you’ve already made up your mind to change your tyres' size, which may be smaller or larger than the ones provided by the manufacturer. For this, you need to modify the size of your rims. You need to be extremely cautious while changing the size of your tyres. You must strictly pay attention to what the manufacturer has recommended.

Tyres come with a warranty period, and manufacturers take responsibility for your traction only if the tyres are within the recommended tyre size limit. Let’s take a look at some merits and demerits of this exercise.

Merits of increasing the size of diameter

Aesthetic appearance is one of the major reasons why one goes for the larger rims. When you look at your vehicle from a distance, it surely stands out among the fleet. A larger diameter gives your car a smarter look.

Enhanced grip

The grip of any tyre depends a lot on its height and width. It’s pure science that wider tyres get a good contact patch on the road. That means both acceleration and braking improve remarkably. Such tyres are work perfectly on the dry roads of the summer season.

Better cornering

Rims with diameter in bigger size undoubtedly make your car stable while cornering. You’ll have better control over your turns.

Improved braking

When your tyres' diameter increases, you’ll have the capacity to invest in brake discs of larger size. With the brake discs come callipers of larger size. When this happens, the braking ability of the car increases manifold. In the case of extremities, your car is going to stop more carefully than before.

Demerits of larger tyres


There are various reasons why these are tyres cost more than your usual tyre size. When manufacturers create wider cheap tyres Nuneaton, they need more rubber to create even complex tread. The rubber has to be of good quality. Such tyres take more time to manufacture. So, when you go to buy such tyres, be prepared to shell out a huge sum of money.

Chances of tyre getting damaged

The diameter of your tyres is going to be bigger in size, but the fact is that the tyres actually become shorter in size. There are chances of your sidewall getting damaged. This specifically happens when your car runs over potholes or some other impediments on the roads.

Ride may not be comforting

Though your tyres may get a larger contact patch on the road, it’s not necessary that your ride is going to be soothing too. That’s because such tyres have rigid sidewalls. Such tyres are perfect for off-roading, but they may not give the same performance on the city roads.

Changing the size of your tyres is purely a personal decision. However, weigh the pros and cons carefully before taking this leap.

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