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9 Great Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Before Your Wedding

9 Great Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Before Your Wedding

Nothing beats the beautiful, stress-free look on a bride’s face. Unfortunately, many brides are unable to achieve this look. Mainly because they are stressed about their wedding. The constant pressure and anxiety do not help the situation at all. This can lead to puffy eyes every morning with big, dark circles.

At MBM, a top women's Pakistani luxury pret designer, we seldom receive such brides. They are not only worried about but have dark circles. And you know what makes it worse for them? More worry on how to get rid of the dark circles.

Well, if you are worried about not getting affordable and great luxury pret dresses, it’s okay. We have got your back as you have designers like MBM with amazing luxury pret dresses.

Besides this, there are several remedies that you can try at home to get rid of your dark circles. After talking to a top dermatologist from Pakistan, we were able to find nine remedies that work.

1. Eat a Healthy and Clean Diet Every Day!

You might not agree but your skin has a lot to do with your diet. When you eat clean i.e. fruits and yogurt, you get a natural glow. This glow represents the diet you consume daily.

However, if you start getting acne, it does reflect on your diet. The dermatologist interviewed for this said that adding veggies to your diet is important. Besides veggies, you can add citrus food items to your diet. This will help you get your blood circulation to get better. And know that when your blood circulation gets better, you feel the glow on your skin and within.

2. Make Sure That You Get Eight Hours of Sleep Every Day!

Trust us, we get it when you say that you cannot rest until the wedding is over. But that just means that you’re compromising your looks for your big day.

You need to make sure that you are getting your beauty sleep. Otherwise, your restlessness will start showing from your skin. And you know what would be the first sign of sleeplessness? More dark circles.

So, instead of compromising your beauty sleep, try to manage everything. Make sure that you manage everything in a way that does not disturb your sleep schedule. After all, preventing dark circles is better than using remedies later on.

3. Aloe Vera Gel Is the Life Saver That You Need!

Instead of going for expensive skincare to get rid of the puffiness around your eyes, invest in an aloe vera gel.

It has nourishing properties along with Vitamin E. It works great on reducing any dark circles you might have around your eyes.

Dermatologists believe that aloe vera gel is a healthy and organic way of dealing with dark circles. They help reduce dark circles without the use of any harmful chemicals. Unlike most skincare products these days.

4. Before Going to Bed, Always Remember to Take Your Makeup Off!

We suggest this because going to bed with makeup on is cruel. You cannot expect your puffiness to reduce when you aren’t careful about your skin.

You need to take your makeup off, properly, before you sleep. Dermatologists also believe that using makeup wipes can also be harsh on your skin. So, instead, using Micellar Water by Garnier. Put it on a cotton pad and gently rub the makeup off your skin.

If you want something more skin-friendly, you can go for baby wipes. These are recommended because, unlike makeup wipes, they are made for baby skin. So, they will automatically be gentle on your skin.

5. Instead of Throwing Your Tea Bags Away, Refrigerate Them For Some Time!

You might find it odd, but tea bags are good for your skin. Instead of throwing the tea bags away keep them in the fridge for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, you can put them on your eyes for some time.

Repeating the same activity for at least a week will help you see the difference. This is an effective home remedy that works 10/10.

6. Massage Your Eyes With Oil Every Day!

You need to make a mixture of oils first. The two oils that you need are almond oil and coconut oil. Mix them well and then gently massage your eyes with them.

The point of coconut oil is to get your skin the Vitamin E that it has been missing. So, it keeps your under-eyes moisturized. On the other hand, almond oil has Vitamin K which works great on dark circles.

7. Using Ice Cubes Can Work Too!

You can wrap ice cubes in a cotton cloth and put them under your eyes. No need to leave under your eyes as that area is very sensitive. Instead, dab the ice cubes several times. This will reduce any inflammation of blood vessels under your eyes.

You can repeat this activity twice or thrice every week. It works like magic so it probably will help you reduce dark circles under your eyes.

8. Relaxing With Cucumber Slices On Your Eyes Works Too!

You must have seen those skincare advertisements where a woman had cucumber on her eyes? With a white mask on? Well, that was probably because she was trying to get rid of her dark circles.

Before using cucumber slices, freeze them by putting them in a freezer for twenty minutes. Then put those slices on your eyes for at least 15 minutes. It will reduce the inflammation around your eyes.

9. Use Some Potato To Your Advantage!

Take one potato and then shred. Take that shredded potato and freeze them. When it has cooled, put it on your eyes for ten to twenty minutes.

Basically, a potato has an enzyme named ‘catecholase’. It helps lighten your skin tone. And thus, dermatologists recommend it for reducing your dark spots.

Following these nine amazing tips would help you get rid of your dark circles in no time. 

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