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How to Groom a Persian cat?

How to Groom a Persian cat?

We all love a cute cat in our house. However, your decision to bring home a Persian cat is interrupted by the thought of taking care of its heavy mane and body hair. This is exactly when you get the question of how to groom a Persian cat comes into your head! Well, now you need not worry about taking care of your Persian cat as this guide on grooming your Persian cat will help you solve all the worries you had until now!

The first step in order to get an idea of how to groom your Persian cat is to prepare all the requirements you need in order to groom your Persian cat successfully. With lustrous locks and heavy mane, it kind of becomes hard, and hence prepping the requirements is a must.

The requirements you need to prep include:

• brush or comb

• cat hair shampoo

• nail cutter

• scissors

If you would like to get the requirements then you can check out DreamPet, a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Once you have all the requirements readied you can start with the grooming. some of the other points you need to keep in mind while grooming your Persian cat can be given as follows:

<h2>1. Combing your cat’s hair:</h2>

Ideally, you must take time out and brush your Persian cat’s coat daily, however, there are a lot of people who can’t make this happen. For those who think this is a lot for them can also get grooming professionals’ help from DreamPet for a Persian cat in Delhi. Not only will you get help in grooming your cat but will also help with other Persian cat requirements.

Avoiding comb made of nylon is important as it can generate electricity due to friction with the thick coat. Brushing through the coat once at least a week is recommended so that your cat does not shed hair all over your room. Apart from which it also prevents any formation of tangles in the coat which can then make it hard to clean the cat’s thick coat. The ideal direction of combing your Persian cat’s coat should start from head to tail.

<h2>2. Removal of tangles from your cat’s hair:</h2>

Even though daily combing can remove any excess tangling found in the hair, there are times when the coat might get tangled and generate mats on the coat. These mats are extremely sensitive to skin irritation and infections.

To deal with this condition it is needed that you untangle the coat with your fingers as using of comb with tangles will make it worse. Once separated you can comb through the coat to make sure it's even and smooth. The mats sometimes become severe such that cutting off the hair is the only option; if this happens try not to cut off excessive hair than the tangled hair.

Trimming of Persian cat’s coat from time to time is needed to keep the locks lustrous and good as new.

<h3>3. Bathing a Persian cat:</h3>

Just like any other cats, Persian cats dislike bathing. Getting them to bathe might be a real big task however some easy tips can help make the task a lot easier. Some of the points you need to follow when taking your Persian cat to bathe are:

• Start with checking the temperature of the water. It should neither be too hot nor should it be too cold.

• Now fill the tub with warm water.

• Next dip your cat about 4 inches inside the water.

• Start wetting the body slowly. Make sure you do not just pour the water altogether.

• Once your cat is wet enough take a bit of shampoo and with round motions rub it onto the fur coat.

• Now rinse the shampoo off and let the fur coat air dry.

Checking the temperature of the water is important because if the temperature is not right you will have to handle a bad kitty behavior.

Final words:

There you have it a squeaky-clean Persian cat. You might also want to contact some professionals before trying to clean your Persian cat for the first time. If you are yet to get a Persian cat then you can now check out Persian cat for sale in Delhi. Get professionals to help you from DreamPet as well. 

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