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How to Leverage eCommerce Web Design for Better Sales?

How to Leverage eCommerce Web Design for Better Sales?

To survive and outperform in this competitive era is becoming a daunting task. Business owners are trying to work on every aspect of their eCommerce website be it its performance, design, loading speed, maintenance, etc. Therefore, to make your eCommerce website presence sturdy you must incorporate the latest web design trends.

You can hire an experienced web design company that can guide you regarding the essential changes and trends. Below we are listing 5 eCommerce web design elements that you should take care of to attract potential buyers.

5 Must-Have Web Design Elements for eCommerce Website


The homepage is the first impression your customers will get about you and your business. Hence, try to make your homepage captivating and informative to attract potential customers. Elements of high-performing eCommerce websites are listed below:

Understandable product categories either in the header section or sidebar.

Systemized presentations for trending, recommended product categories.

Attractive enter and exit pop-ups to retain customers to your eCommerce websites.

The structure of the homepage is not restricted to the above elements. It demons on two major factors i.e, your industry and target audience.

Search Function

The chance of purchase increases when customers see the products they are searching for. A Search bar or box is the first thing customers look for when they enter the website. Hence make your search bar noticeable by using contrasting colors and statements like enter text.

Usually, websites choose the right corner to locate their search bar therefore try to locate where the customers can easily find it. Additionally, try to add product images and filters to increase the conversion rate.

Checkout Page

There can be multiple reasons behind customers abandoning their carts. You can reduce the chances by working on the below-mentioned things:

Try to reduce the number of steps to complete the checkout process. You can also use the A/B test i.e, single-page checkout with multiple-step checkout to check whatever works best for your customers.

If your checkout involves multiple pages then show the progress bar to them.

Offer various payment options to buyers and display their logos. For example, PayPal, Google Pay, HDFC PayZapp, etc.

Account Registration and Login

Keep your account registration and login process simple and effective. Seek the eCommerce web design company and incorporate the option of customer login through any of the social accounts like Facebook or email. Keep the registration information limited to contact number and email. Ask other details related to shipping and payment options once they complete the registration.

About Us Page

Focus on your about us page especially when you deal in B2b commerce. Most of the business category buyers first say the about us page before making a purchase. Hence, to attract potential customers you must give extra attention to your about us page and incorporate all the required information.

Keep your about us page simple designing-wise and keep pointers short and crisp. Try to avoid CTA and sales pitch but make use of product visuals and an excellent team to support your story.

Final Key Takeaways!!

Make your eCommerce website visually appealing and useful for the customers by easily providing them the products they are looking for. Timely iterations are the key factor, try to incorporate latest changes and outperform amongst your rivals. Integrate the latest web designs and collect customer reviews and make your eCommerce website successful. 

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