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Role of technology in coping up with COVID-19

Role of technology in coping up with COVID-19

Role of technology in coping up with COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak affected the daily life of people all across the world. The year 2020 had been considered the worst year, and many of us have invested the majority of time on our devices during the lockdown and quarantine, but there is no doubt that technology played an essential role in coping up with the challenging period of coronavirus.

Here are the 6 most significant impacts of technology that mostly solved all the pandemic problems regarding work, trade, learning, business, entertainment, medical services, etc

Contactless or Digital Payment

Cash can easily carry the germs, bacterias, viruses, and controlling the harmful viruses spreading become a must action that the government can take. Central banks of the different countries like South Korea, India, US, and China are implementing some measures and strategies to make the circulation of money contactless. The government recommended the mode to circulate money with online transaction applications or websites.

Digital payments allow consumers to make payment of the product online, which increases the ratio of online shopping compared to market shopping. However, 1.7 billion people are unable to access digital facilities to make payments by the World Bank.

Shopping Online

The social distancing era’s restriction and guideline were very strict, which forced consumers to purchase their necessities from online shopping sites. It impacted e-commerce marketing behaviour globally, motivating the small scale industries to publish their set up online.

Many restaurants and companies are providing contact-less services to maintain the sanitary requirement of the delivered items. These strategies will help them to target proper customers by providing the best shopping experience. We can see this as a new upcoming trend.

Remote work

Most of the companies are working with their employees by providing work from home services. Without this advanced technology, we can not complete our simple basic everyday task while sitting at home. We saw some of the advantages, including flexibility, preventing the virus, saving time, comfort zone, etc.

On the other hand, employees faced challenges like distraction, loneliness, network issues, communication barriers, different environments, demotivation, etc. Some of the occupations can not be done remotely, like in the medical, police, and manufacturing field.

Distance Learning

In mid-April 2020, around 191 countries’ governments announced schools and University’s closure due to the pandemic. After declaration, they decided to adopt an online teaching or learning method, which made significant educational technology growth. This adaptation not only positively affects teaching methods but also promotes economic development of the country.

It has benefits where the educator can monitor every student’s activity, less tiring, time saver, reduces expenses, can easily report about the performance of the learner and can provide material by uploading presentations, documents, etc. Some drawbacks are an internet connection, basic knowledge about tech, distraction, laziness and so on.

Entertainment source

Due to the condition of spreading coronavirus, the government implemented the prominent measures to reduce public gathers by closing cinema, theatres, concerts, festival gathering, shows, etc., but people found their new sources of entertainment and started indulging in that for example, youtube, video game, online streaming, learning networking, etc.

Without these incredible technologies, we might feel bored all day long, but we can not forget how the combination of internet and technology showed us the advanced version of the upcoming years.

5G Internet

After shutting down everything, people started working from their home, whether government employees, students, instructors, etc. In this situation, 5G internet became the ultimate remote monitoring source as high speed affects technology significantly. The demand after the adoption of 5G internet increased in the pandemic, which leads to an increase in the cost of data plan.

Today, we found how technology is becoming a necessity in our daily life routine to support the economy. It is expected that the advancement of technology will accelerate many vulnerable changes in the future to support humankind by providing a noticeable solution.


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