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Process of Website Designing!!!

Process of Website Designing!!!

Designing a website and making it look visually good is more than aesthetical changes. Website designing is prominently used to attract visitors, grow the company profile, etc. There are a lot of website design & development companies and UI/UX development companies out there in the market helping build an imaginary website.

Steps to designing a website:

Defining Goals/purpose

The website should have a purpose, designs should define the aesthetics of the website and it needs to build according to the website genre.

Points that need to be kept in mind while developing a website or designing one:

1. Purpose/Genre of the Website?

2. What is the main function that it is being built for?

3. Is this a customer-centric website like an eCommerce store or it's built for company appearance?

Importance/ Functioning and Scope of Website

As we proceed by defining the usage/goal of the website, the next step is the functioning and scope of the website. Defining what's more necessary and how it should be done. This is one of the most critical stages where the project needs to define. As the client has imagined a set out of goal's but this imagination gradually expands, changes during the process of designing.

The Back-hand work (Site map and wire-frames): After proceeding with the functioning and scope it's time to work on the website's back-hand section. Writing sites maps and making a structure predefined & based on the last observation. As wire-frames define a layout of how the website design will look and how it will be showcased.

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