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How Does Website Speed Affect Your Website Ranking?

How Does Website Speed Affect Your Website Ranking?

Google treats website speed as one of the most essential ranking factors as per the Google's Algorithm Speed Update. If your site speed is low, it can push the visitors away causing a significant reduction in the traffic.

It does not matter how attractive your site is, your visitors won’t wait for long as the site loads. This even has the power to damage the reputation of your site. Its okay to outsource your website speed issue to the web development company or you can learn and do it yourself.

The site owners have to keep their site fully optimized so that it loads faster. However, will it affect your ranking in SERP? Yes, it does affect ranking and SEO as well.

Because SEO contributes to surge site ranking, that’s the main point here that we are going to discuss.

Google’s Algorithm Ranking Factor

To rule on the Google SERP, your site has to meet the Google ranking factor. And, as we mentioned earlier, speed plays a key role in increasing website ranking.

The higher the loading time of your site will be, the easier it is for your site to rank on top. In 2018, Google introduced a speed update for punishing slower sites. Google has always valued users first so slow loading speed will disappoint them. It can’t support such things to happen with the users.

This ranking factor was included in 2010 by figuring out the high-performing websites.

How website loading speed affects SEO? An Analysis By Digital Marketing Companies Delhi

SEO helps in increasing the site ranking but when the loading speed is down, it influences SEO too. The influence of site speed on SEO has a bitter result on many metrics.


Imagine if the crawling ratio of your site falls then it will directly impact traffic and visibility. Google prefers crawling those sites that are lightweight and loads faster. If your site loads slowly, Google crawler will avoid indexing and ranking your site higher.

Bounce Rates

Slow loading of your website will lead to a rapid increase in the bounce rate. It means that people who are visiting your page are leaving early without taking any action. And this only happens because they keep waiting for the site to load.

This is how it works. Google is unknown about the fact that why the users are leaving. It considers that a high bounce rate is disappointing users. The site is unable to provide the expected experience and results. As a result, bounce rates fall.

Apart from the bounce rate, the conversion rate will reduce too. Thus, you can’t let the site speed go down.

Click-Through Rates

If the click-through rate is higher on your website, Google will notice it and take the site to the top position. So, make sure to choose smart bidding strategies for getting higher click-through rates. This increases your chances of bringing the site to the top of SERP.

Final Words

Sometimes, your hosting company is responsible for behind slow loading of the site so always choose the right one for your company.

Fix the things and factors that are resulting in improving website ranking. But before that, you will have to identify the factors causing the loading speed slow. If you need more help on improving website loading time, you may contact digital marketing company in India.

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