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Where and how to Buy Gold for Investment

Where and how to Buy Gold for Investment

Gold is not a very popular investment vehicle these days, but it has a better track record than most investment options in giving a great return in investment. The question is how and where to buy gold so that you can get the best return on your investment. Gold is generally popular for jewelry, however, in this form gold is not at its purest and will not fetch you the highest returns. As a serious investor, to earn great returns on gold, one must invest in bullion gold coins and bars. The gold coin is also bought by numismatists, that is coin collectors.

We provide a brief guide on how and where to buy gold bars and coins in 2021 for the best investment returns.

The three best gold investment options

1.Physical gold bullion

Gold bars are the most cost-effective way of buying physical gold with 99.5% purity or higher. You have the option to invest in gold bullion in the form of ETFs, stocks, and gold bonds too. However, physical gold investment has its own advantages in the form of avoiding possible counterparty risks or storing extra cash against extreme currency fluctuations. Gold is the best hedge for your investment portfolio as a secure investment option.

2.Collector’s gold coins

Collector’s gold coin is antique coins that are old and have a higher value for their year of mint and the design. Numismatic coins have an appeal with collectors for their age and limited production numbers. So, even if they may be of lower purity, they may still be valued at a higher rate. However, collector’s coins can be an expensive purchase and you must have knowledge of collector’s coins to recognize their value and make a wise purchase.

3.Modern gold bullion bars and coins

Governments and some reputed mints issue gold bullion coins for investment. Bullion coins are made of 99.999% purity and are the preferred form of investment in physical gold. Some bullion coins are recognized internationally and attract the current spot price from their recall value. these include –

American Gold Eagle

Chinese Gold Panda

South African Krugerrand

British Gold Britannia

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Austrian Gold Philharmonic

Australian Gold Kangaroo

There are also gold coins issued by Pamp Suisse and Credit Suisse that are highly recognized for their design. Bullion gold coins come with a mark of purity, weight, and a unique ID to mark its purity and authenticity.

Where to buy gold bars and coins?

There are many alternatives to where you can buy gold bullion, however, unless you purchase gold coins from banks it is important to find a reputed precious metal dealer. Check if the dealer is listed with Better Business Bureau (BBB) and you will see customer reviews of the place. It is important to be confident about your dealer especially if you plan to buy gold coins online. Another important thing to note is if or why standard gold bullion from a reputed bank is being sold at a lower price than the current spot price. Legitimate dealers cannot make a profit if they sell their gold bullion below the spot price. If you are a new buyer or want to learn about some new gold coin in the market, then you can call them and benefit from their expertise and knowledge.

If you are not looking for “where to buy gold” but “where to sell gold”, then call recognized coin dealers to find out the average bid price. There are several advantages to buy gold coins online, the most important being a secure delivery to your address in discreet packaging. Also, the checkout is fast and easy, and you can explore the dealer’s inventory comfortably.

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