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Incredible copywriting techniques

Incredible copywriting techniques

The structure

Another well-known acronym among the main copywriting techniques, which means:

· Image

· Promise

· Test

· Push

It is quite similar to the PASTOR technique. Let's see the details of the 4Ps of copywriting:

· Image

Describes the scenario if the promise comes true. Create a vivid scene that customers can easily fit in, whether it's an existing grief or an ambitious future.

· Promise

It has to be strong and impactful, showing that your solution will put an end to that pain that is bothering you or fulfilling one of your greatest desires.

· Try

Prove that everything you just promised is possible. Show that other people have seen your promise come true in their life, through testimonials, success stories, and details about your solution.

· Push

This is the moment of the offer, which causes the person to click and buy. First, you design the scenario and show what the product can do in the customer's life.

Content writing

False logic (the most controversial copywriting technique)

“Point where you want them to look”: this is the main concept of the technique developed by copywriter Michael Masterson, which aims to get people to draw conclusions that the copywriter wants, using existing facts… and a touch of persuasion. Just as lawyers use facts and loopholes to defend their clients, copywriters do the same when they use false logic.

It will be easier to understand with this example:

A metal importer company made the following advertisement: “95% of orders are shipped directly from the warehouse ".But as an importer and not a manufacturer, the company only had a small office. Not a warehouse of its own, full of materials. Where does this material come from? From the manufacturer's warehouse. With that title, they didn't make potential buyers think that the company was just an intermediary in the sale, as this would be perceived as something negative by buyers.

Bridge between before and after

Before: description of the player's current scenario.

After: to imagine how beautiful life would be if we could realize the ideal scenario (the great desire of the customer).

Bridge: describe the step by step to get to the idyllic "after".

Describe a problem, describe a world where that problem doesn't exist, and then explain how to get there. This copywriting technique is quite simple and works very well for producing content like blog posts, texts for Instagram, and even introducing YouTube videos and emails.

PAS - Problem - Agitation - Solution

The problem is the great protagonist of this copywriting technique. It is even one of the most used formulas for creating posts for social networks, especially Instagram, where you have few characters to pass a message.

Unlike the previous copywriting technique, where the focus was on life after solving the problem, the goal here is to show the reader what his life will be like if he doesn't focus on solving this problem.

The idea is to focus on a key problem in your audience and show how it impacts your life, through very descriptive examples, to generate an emotional response, agitation, and urgency in finding a solution, just to show later how you can help to solve it.

4 C's formula

The 4C's copywriting technique helps the writer to focus only on what matters most in a persuasive text: on conversion and the benefits that will be generated for the prospective client.

According to the 4C formula, an attractive text should be:

· Clear

Communicate clearly, with easily understandable words and little technicality.

· Concise

It conveys information in as few words as possible, using shorter sentences and words, as well as topics and subtopics to make reading more enjoyable and relevant.

· Of effect

The text should also be very interesting so that your audience will read it through and forget that it is sales-focused text.


Finally, your text must inspire reliability. Publish texts in combination with white papers (technical information document) or customer testimonials. These types of content can communicate your brand messages and, at the same time, overcome the skepticism of readers.


Try to stand out from the crowd with a striking hook, a bold and impactful statement or something that generates curiosity and interest from the reader.

In the case of the billboard above, attention is drawn to the photo of the former first lady, not words.


Now that you've grabbed your audience's attention, keep them interested with some perks. Offer the solution to a problem or help make a dream come true. In the billboard above, the phrase “imagine how far you can go with… ” is precisely of interest.

D- Desire

The desire to start reading your text should be encouraged by combining the benefits it offers and a sense of urgency.

A- The action

Always invite the reader to an action with a single call to action. Encourage reading with imperative verbs. Avoid clicking "click here", use verbs closer to your goal, such as download, read, watch, check, try, etc.

Copywriting courses

There are many companies that provide you with the copywriting course. If you want to learn copywriting or want content for your website you can contact Magine solutions.

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