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How to Use a Recurve Bow

 How to Use a Recurve Bow

You can now close one eye and utilize your dominant eye to aim the target. If using a sight, make sure to aim your target through it and with your eyes as well.

Now release the arrow from the string and do not jerk the string whatsoever. Keep it smooth and gentle.

Keep your stance stable until the arrow hits the target to avoid any sort of hindrance with the shot.

How to String a Recurve Bow?

Stringing your bow securely is very important, as you do not want to whack yourself due to the tension in the limbs and also do not want to bend your limbs while manually stringing the bow.

The best and safest way to do this is with a bow stringer.

Make sure to purchase a bow stringer that is deliberately designed for recurve bows and also see if the ends of the stringer fit tightly onto the limb tips. Attach the small loop into the lower limb’s notch provided. For stringers having two pockets, you can fit the larger pocket over the lower limb. By now, the small loop on the string will be covered and this will keep the pocket secure onto the groove.

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Slide the smaller pocket onto the upper limb’s tip. You need to hold the handle of the bow and keep it horizontal, such that your dominant hand is near to the upper limb. Make sure to secure the loose string loop in its place with your dominant hand. 

Make sure to position the bow with its limb tips pointing in the upward direction and string as well as stringer are beneath it. Lower the position of the bow to a point where the stringer will touch the ground (not string). Step on the stringer with both of your feet and position them shoulder-width away from each other. Make sure to use the balls of your foot. Pro archers can use just one foot.

If you are using a saddle type of bow stringer, make sure to hold the saddle in place with one hand. Take the loose section of the bow stringer and with a firm grip pull it upwards. This will bend the limbs to the desired level. 

Also, simultaneously move the loose string loop smoothly up to a point where it fits into the notch that is available at the tip of the bow. Make sure to check if it's secure onto the groove provided Lower the position of the bow until the stringer is relaxed. And lastly, remove the bow stringer from the bow

Accessories for a Recurve Bow

Following are some of the accessories that will help you directly or indirectly to hit the shots with extreme safety and precision.

Clicker will help you to release the arrow when have fully drawn it back. A ‘click’ sound will notify you that you have reached the optimum draw length and now you are ready to release the arrow.

This will help you to keep your draw length consistent every time you shoot.

A kisser is like a consistent vertical reference point in the form of a button. It is attached to the bowstring. Archer touches this button (generally with his lips) every time while taking a shot.

Basic Archery for Beginners - The Kisser Button

Stabilizers are weighty rods deliberately attached to the bow, giving additional stability to the whole unit. This also helps in eradicating vibrations.

As explained above, you can also use an armed guard, finger tabs, sight, arrow rest, etc. for comfortable and safe archery


Working on how to use a Recurve Bow precisely is important, especially for novices. With consistent practice sessions, your arm and back muscles will be strengthened.

To get started with, work on your body alignment and shot execution, instead of hitting the target. When you master this step, now you can work on hitting your target as accurately as possible.

If you have any questions as regards using a recurve bow, you can comment down below.

Always remember:

Beginners should never start with greater draw weights Over Bowed Archer will eventually miss the shot or lose precision Make sure you have Repeatable and Consistent shot cycles Enhance your body posture and hold the bow correctly use accessories, wherever necessary

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