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Everything you need to know about pavers and kerbstones!

Everything you need to know about pavers and kerbstones!

We all love to live in a clean and aesthetic environment. From roads to home, it would be good to have a satisfactory setting all around us. In this entire context, pavers and kerbstones are playing a major role build a boundary and keep a clean edge to your street. Kerbstones can unite great attraction to the outline of your home. As well as giving a smart finishing feel to your track, kerbstones and pavers are an essential part of its overall layout. At Lahore, many manufacturer companies supply a wide range of pavers and kerbstones in Lahore. 

Yet, the most reliable and excellent one is Novel Concrete. They design fantastic pavers and kerbstones with toughness, durability, and vogue in mind. Besides, with different shades and designs, kerbstones are the perfect complement to any street project – whether in a modern or classical setting. In a range of tastes and shapes, their kerbstones are the ideal addition for you. Let's learn more about these pavers and kerbstones by reading the following!

When to use pavers and kerbstones?

Kerbstones are likewise commonly used for pathways and roads to build a nourished and fixed edge. The range comprises rough, textured, soft, and developed styles to help users find the exact fit. Kerbstones and pavers are a hard type of road that offers a solid solution by capping free-standing surfaces. Also, they bound rainfall from destroying your bricks.

Pavers and kerbstones usually come in wall coping stones that are the excellent finishing touch to your concrete project. To preserve your garden layout consistently, we suggest you buy pavers and kerbstones by range. 

Are Pavers & Kerb Stones Right for You? - Pros and Cons

Those days are gone when homes were made with the help of clay brick and roads were not outlined correctly. Now, the trend has changed people imagine living in a place where everything has a standard touch. And that's why pavers and kerbstones come in handy! It has an official building material, used both for home walls and as flooring surfaces for roads, pathways, and yards. 

There is nothing more luxurious than a driveway or patio paved with brick. Although solid pavers are slightly harder and extra-durable than clay brick, traditional brick can still stand up to regular driveway regulation, given they are placed over a great base. And pavers, on the other hand, are arguably the most refined that always add worth to your place.


  • Beautiful classic look
  • Long-lasting material
  • Straightforward repairs
  • Recyclable
  • Adds value to your environment 


  • A bit expensive
  • Needs periodic sealing
  • Active installation
  • Sensitive to frost heaving
  • Limited design alternatives

What does the design say? 

Pavers and KerbStones make a very engaging look to the surface that can go well with nearly any house style. Paving with kerbstones is a far more charming procedure than spilled bricks. But when compared to local bricks, the design options are more bound. Kerbstones and brick pavers are now available in diverse patterns, but the sizes are all boxy, and hues revolve around browns and greys. One thing that you must know is these modern bricks are tougher and give you more flexibility.

Maintenance and Repair

Kerbstones and pavers will constantly endure over time following the impact of moisture and ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Also, the maintenance can exceedingly extend the lifetime of your driveway to more than 30 years. A brick paver road should be rinsed once or twice a time with a pressure machine. Ensure to eliminate weeds and dirt within bricks. After the exterior dries for a day, pack the pieces with raw sand if it is possible. 

To make sure long life, kerbstones, and pavers must be sealed after each wash. If left opened, bricks begin to peel and strip over time. You can apply a sealer with a good pump sprayer or can be turned over the surface.


Pavers and Kerbstones in Lahore are coming up with the right stock for you if you like the finished, vintage look for your area. So, without wasting a minute, cash the time by visiting Novel Concrete right away. They are providing a wide range of fantastic home-building stuff that will help to make your life perfect.

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