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Best Eye Makeup Trends To Save For Your Wedding

Best Eye Makeup Trends To Save For Your Wedding

When it’s about your wedding, there are innumerable thoughts that splash in your mind and cause intense excitement. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s a lifetime moment when both bride-groom is full of the joys of spring. While at the same time, this moment also carries an immense responsibility to ensure that everything goes the right way.

When it comes to you as a bride, there isn’t any chance you can afford to compromise with the looks. An exquisitely crafted dress, elegant accessories, marvellous jewellery and perfect makeup that match and align well with each other are all vital for you on this special occasion.

While mixing and matching all these, you will realise that every aspect is equally important to have a gorgeous appearance. But, if you wish to steal the limelight with a delightful look, there are a few minuscule aspects that you need to pay extra attention to. One such aspect is eye makeup, which you should never go wrong with. There is no excuse for it.

In this blog, I will discuss the top trending eye makeup styles for your wedding. Goes without saying for the most captivating eye makeup, you have to be patient and read till the end.

For your convenience, I have also mentioned the website after the blog, which encapsulates the best makeup artists in Delhi and Mumbai. Artists, who are exceptionally talented and renowned to do divine art on your eye with their professional brush strokes.

The natural beauty of your eyes doesn't come out naturally; you have to bring it out!

Whether upturned or round eyes, a brown eyeshadow makes you look luxurious and pretty as a picture. To add to the beauty, place the murkiest colour in the outer lower corners of the eye. You can also add a dash of light brown shimmer amid the lid for a glittery effect. Now that's like my bride! Any makeup artist in Mumbai or Delhi can follow this simple tip and make you look just as you want it.

Let your eyes speak on behalf of you

Bold jet-black smokey eyes are always in trend. Leave them like that with an exotic mystery! The best makeup artists are known for using this kind of hacks when it's about giving the most mesmerising look to the eyes.

Fifty shades of lashes

Well, not really! But false lashes with some minimalistic makeup will make you look expressive. Creating a shimmering and gorgeous look with this hack can never go wrong when paired with pink lips! Can they?

The Splash of colours

A nude pair of eyes with a splash of blue is a great way to mesh together between the old and new concepts. That way, you are keeping yourself trendy yet classical at the same time. Think of a graceful look, it's your marriage after all! Make the best of your special day by hiring the best makeup artist and help them out with this simple yet sophisticated hack of eye makeup.

Eyes come with eyebrows too

Talk about the best makeup artists in India- the first thing they notice is whether your eyebrows are perfect or not when you expect the best eye makeup from them. And it's obvious! Bold, bushy, and perfectly shaped eyebrows are heavenly and give yourself a different look anytime!

Look fresh from inside

A fresh look is what any bride would expect from the best makeup artists, and you will get it only with a fresh and new design. Keep it reasonable and look delightful- that's the secret. Loading up on mascara is fine, but getting them balanced with professional hands is like the wand of magic.

Let the eyes sink deep

A deep-driven look for the bride who loves to stand out and make a style statement-this hack is for them. Ask your makeup artist to create a holographic glitter that will make your eyes look like a reflection of water. Surprisingly, this is not so unusual for professional makeup artists. In fact, you can play around with colours and create magic. But the simpler you leave it, the prettier you look on your special day!

The unforgettable eyeliner

The never-can-you-forget thing while doing eye makeup is your eyeliner. All the best eye makeup artists wait for this moment to put the perfect eyeliner on the bride. It has got its craze. Apply your favourite contrasting eyeliner and look out of the world.

You deserve some drama on your special day

Make it a bit more deep and exciting by going for a dusky matte look. For this unique appearance, neatly outline lower and upper lash lines with a matte pencil, covering fine edges of the outer openings. Give shimmer a miss if you want to keep this look carefree and smokey while at the same time bold. This combination is loved by most eye makeup artists be it in Delhi or Mumbai.

Lift the mood up

You can simply show your dark and moody side as well by just blending deep brown all over the lid and below the lash line. It is not a hack but a secret that generally no makeup artist or wedding planner will share with you. But you need not worry as you will get plenty of tips from me. Also, I am one such makeup savvy girl who gives paramount importance to eye makeup.

Snatch the golden look

On a shiny golden evening, how can a golden and bright look go wrong? Gold looks go terrific on a bit darker tones and can steal the photographer's glimpse!

Well, all these were just hacks and little tips that can make your eyes look glamorous on your special day. But I have something even better to offer on your wedding day. How about some exclusive deals and packages on makeup artists? Sounds great? I understand the importance of this occasion and hence tend to make it even more special for you and your family.

Check out this website below, and you need not search for the best makeup artist near me anymore! 

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