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What does it take to become a speedcuber

What does it take to become a speedcuber

What is speedcubing?

Before you begin your journey to becoming the best speedcuber let us discuss a little bit about what exactly speedcubing is. It is often also referred to as speedsolving. To simply put it, the process of solving as many Rubik’s cube puzzles as fast as possible is speedcubing. The 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube is the most popular cube among speedcubers. You may be wondering, who records the speed of solving these puzzles? There are many official tournaments where cubers participate to show their ability. One of the most important events is the Rubik’s Cube World Championship that takes place every two years. It is organised by the World Cube Association (WCA). As of now Yushen Du holds the World Record for the fastest speedcuber after beating Feliks Zemdegs’s record by 0.75 seconds.

The primary key in becoming a speedcuber

If you’re thinking of being the next Yushen Du or Feliks Zemdegs then follow along and apply these tips in your journey to speedcubing.

Invest in a good quality cube

One of the most important points in becoming a speedcuber is practicing a cube that moves smoothly and without much friction. This is why you should definitely invest in a good cube before starting your journey. You can get the best quality cubes from Cubelo. They are one of the best selling brands and you can find them at stores or get your cubes online from https://www.cubelelo.com.

Lubricate your cube

Even a good quality cube can get old and frictional. In order to avoid that it is important you disassemble your cube and lubricate it properly. You can disassemble it by rotating the top face for 45 degrees. Pop out an out edge with your finger or screwdriver and the cube will be disassembled. It is advised to use a light and even coat of a silicone based spray or gel as a lubricant for your cube.

Test your cube’s movement

After you have disassembled and lubricated your cube let it be for a while and then assemble it back to it’s prior shape. Make sure you keep testing your cube and its movement after the lubrication has been done. This will help you to determine how smooth the cube is and when it needs another coat of lubrication.

Start with finger tricks

In order to be a good speedcuber you have to start practicing finger tricks. You have to learn and master the basic finger tricks first and then move on to more difficult moves. You can start by learning the U move or the R moves. Practice them separately and then as you pick up speed you can combine and practice both one after the other. Similarly, one by one you can master even more difficult finger tricks.

Experiment with different algorithms

A lot of times speedcubers mark the different faces of the cube with letters. This is done to understand the movement of the Rubik’s cube. The algorithms are basically the codes made up of the different move combinations. Different algorithms can be combined in order to speed up the process of your puzzle solving. Experimenting and practicing these algorithms will help you to grasp what moves work with which combination.

Reduce the delays between moves by planning ahead

It is always a good idea to plan ahead for anything. Before you start solving the puzzle it is detrimental to look at it and analyze the details. After the analysis you can think of a couple of moves from beforehand. This helps you gain time as you do not have to pause and think while actually solving the puzzle.

Use external resources

Don’t rely too much on just one source of information. Utilise as much resource as possible. You can watch youtube tutorials and gain knowledge about tips and tricks. A lot of speedcubers also have their own theories and methods. You can also follow them closely online and pick up on their tricks. Being able to learn different theories and strategies will help you and leave you with more options when solving the puzzles. You can also use programmes, apps and softwares to help you learn better and quicker.

Practice and monitor frequently

Lastly, the one thing you have to remember is to keep practicing. Without rigorous practice it is impossible to mirror your favourite speedcubers. Record and monitor your practice to understand your mistakes and where you need more improvement. Join speedcubing communities in both the online and offline world to learn more by sharing and competition. You can always improve your time of completion with constant practice and learning.

Following these tips will help you on your way to speedcubing and with enough hardwork and dedication you can also end up competing at official events on a global scale.

Author Bio: Allina Ghosh

I am an aspiring journalist who is currently working as a content writer.

I have been writing for www.cubelelo.com and I have imperatively grown and learned here and have gained the right marketing strategies for success that are always paired with high quality content.

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