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8 Key Factors Of Successful Website Design in 2021

8 Key Factors Of Successful Website Design in 2021

Gone are those days when a programming expert was required to create and handle your website. It has become easy to create a website from scratch, equipping it with essential functionalities and launching it. The technology used to be complex but nowadays, it is more user-friendly as they are now introduced with an intelligent algorithm that enhances the user experience and offers analytic solutions. This modern technology has introduced new ways to create a successful website design.

The secret to creating a successful web design relies on a number of factors. Yes, that’s true! From clarity to colours, typography to accessibility, flexibility to usability, a designer must keep different aspects in mind to create a website that stands out in the crowd. These factors contribute a lot to the success of a website, establishing trust among the audience and attracting huge traffic to it.

Because your website showcases your brand, it is imperative to focus on those crucial elements that can help design the best website, achieving a milestone of better functionality and convenience. Below, we have rounded up some key factors that ensure your website leaves a lasting impression on the audience and visually appears to be the best. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start discussing the list-

Figure Out the Purpose

The first thing you should always do before designing a website is figuring out its purpose. You must know what your website goals and expectations are. When you are clear with your website objective, you can easily assess your designing needs, and further take a step towards the design. Whether you want to display any information or provide entertainment, you must be clear with your goals. This way, you can easily determine the essential things to focus on to craft an impactful website. Ignoring this factor can lower your brand image, and you’ll face failure in your project.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is another crucial factor on the list without which your website will remain off track and unable to achieve the desired goals. Being a web designer, it is important to work on every detail of the website, including its navigation part too. Easy navigation is necessary for the enhanced user experience, and it should not be overlooked at any cost. After all, a well-designed website with easy navigation functionality can help users navigate throughout the website without any trouble and look into its details.

When a user accesses the desired thing on your website easily, they will remain for a long time that will leverage your website performance and turn the visitor on your website into a customer in the future. In order to make the website navigation work and succeed, we suggest using breadcrumbs, visual icons and the abstract hierarchy of websites.

Focus on 8-Second Rule

You may have heard the line many times, “you’ve got 8 seconds to draw the audience’s attention.” If not, you must focus on this simple rule of thumb and find oh-so-effective ways to increase user engagement on your platform. Make of the most of these few seconds, trying the below-listed ways-

  • Create large and quick logic buttons.
  • Using beautiful images is a must because images are the first and foremost thing that captivates the audience.
  • Don’t forget to add an attractive headline that can hit the right chord.
  • Make animated pop-ups to heighten the audience’s interest.
  • The use of hover effects can be a great idea.
  • Unique & Powerful Content

Another factor that a website designer should consider is prioritising the unique content and design as they contribute a lot to a brand’s website design success. But before we discuss more, what do you mean by a successful web design? Imagine the website with the same design and content matching its competitors; what would happen in such a case? There is a high chance that the audience will immediately recognise the copied content, resulting in a negative user experience and ruining the brand’s reputation. So, if you want to gain the visitor’s attention, it is good to create a unique design that is flooded with informative content. Such high-quality content will eventually bring the customer to your platforms and make them purchase the desired product.

Use Grid Layout

Grid layout is another secret to a visually appealing website. This layout helps a designer to structure the website properly and give it a complete organised look. No one would want to navigate an unorganised website that is visually crowded and not in a particular format. Therefore, we recommend you build a grid-based architecture of your website as it helps in arranging the content with the columns and give a balanced appearance that further enhances the user experience.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

There is no second thought over the fact of how crucial it is to make your website mobile-friendly; after all, around 48.33% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. You can’t ignore mobile responsiveness while designing a website. Today, the more smartphone users are growing, the more they are relying on scrolling down the website on mobile devices. Being a designer, you must focus on making your website mobile-friendly. If your website won’t adjust as per the screen size, it is obvious you’ll lose a high number of visitors, and the bounce rate will also reach a peak. So, while building a website design, make sure it is also mobile-friendly.

Follow a Proper Color Scheme

Another factor you must consider while creating a website is following a proper colour scheme. Many designers may overlook this concept while crafting a complete website design. But this factor is something on which the whole appearance of the website relies on. Choosing the right colour for the website will catch the visitor’s eye immediately. In contrast, the wrong one will not be able to convey the right message to the audience through its overall appearance. Therefore, we recommend you invest a couple of minutes or hours in selecting the right colour palette for the site. You can take the assistance of several tools.

Less Loading Time

What could be more frustrating than a website taking much time to load? Right? Imagine that moment when you’re excited to grab an offer online on a particular website that doesn’t even load. No doubt, the excitement will not last for long. Nowadays, one of the main challenges for businesses, bloggers, or any website owner is “page load time.” Even studies have provided that the user leaves your website if it does not load in 3 seconds. This statistic is enough to tell you how important it is to maintain the website loading time.

You must look for the ideal ways to enhance your website’s loading speed in such a case. You can try increasing the picture size, merging code into a central CSS and minifying the HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Nobody loves a low-speed website.

Final Words

Although web design and development have become easier with various platforms, such as WordPress, Wix, etc., web designers sometimes still fail to create a successful one. This is because they forget to follow the above-listed key factors important to curate a functional and successful website. The web design trends in the market continuously evolve. Walking with trends is important but make sure you focus on the above-listed factors for an efficient website design. 

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