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How Do You Make Exhaust Pipes Shine?

How Do You Make Exhaust Pipes Shine?

No matter what car you have, the exhaust pipes of your vehicle are easy to overlook. These pipes can get dirty when black carbon or other dirt substances deposited on them in the form of soot. This carbon is pretty exhausting to clean and scrub. The soot that occurred due to engine combustion should be cleaned periodically. Here you will know about how to clean, polish, and protect the exhaust pipes using different products.

Why are Tailpipes Often Dirty?

Modern cars like gas direct injection engines or diesel engines produce particulate matter (hydrocarbons), known as soot. In these engines, there is DPF (diesel particulate filter) to counter the production of that soot by occasionally running a regeneration mode in which the trapped soot is burned off with the increase in exhaust temperature. People often get customised exhaust pipes that are tailor-made with stainless steel. DKU Performance is famous for creating Custom exhaust Birmingham. You can achieve the desired effect, sound, and performance that you are looking for.

What Products are needed for Exhaust Pipes cleaning?

Several products are needed for the cleaning of exhaust pipes and you can find these products in any market as well as online. The products are:

  • Running water or hose
  • Steel wool
  • Soap
  • Old microfibre towels
  • Newspaper
  • Cleaning brush
  • Gloves
  • Automotive metal polish

What are the ways to clean and polish exhaust pipes?

There are multiple ways for the cleaning of exhaust pipes which involve soaking, scrubbing, polishing, etc. Some ways are harder while some are easier. Here are both ways discussed.

The Harder Way

Make soapy water and wash off the dirt and build carbon from the exterior and interior of the exhaust pipe. You can use a round brush with stiffer bristles for scrubbing. To loosen the build-up carbon, apply a degreaser with a dry towel on both the outside and inside of the pipe. Let it soak for the required time and scrub it off using grade steel wool. It will require the repetition of the process and more scrubbing if you have not cleaned your exhaust tips in a long time. Wipe the pipe with a clean cloth and apply the metal polish to the inside and outside of the pipe with steel wool and remove it with a microfibre towel after some time.

The Easier Way

The easier way to clean the exhaust pipe without more scrubbing is to apply the metal polish after cleaning the pipe with soapy water. Using metal polish can faint the scratches on the pipe that are caused by scrubbing with steel wool. For chrome or titanium pipes, metal polishes will work well but if your pipes are painted black, you should not use metal polish. For cleaning these pipes, use soapy water or degreaser and avoid using any hard brush or steel wool that could scratch a black matte paint of the exhaust pipes.

The majority of exhausts are made of titanium and darkened in colour when burned. This carbon buildup can be removed from polishing and scrubbing with chemicals. However, you can keep your exhaust pipes looking nice by cleaning them regularly.

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