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Entertainment and jokes

Entertainment and jokes

The action of entertaining, of recreating. Carnival entertainment. Indulge in entertainment.


An entertainment is an activity that allows men to occupy their free time. With having fun and turning away their concerns. Entertainment forms the bulk of the larger leisure family. A friendly and rather unexpected conversation between former employees. Will be a notable hobby in the company without being entertainment.

Philosophy of Entertainment

Entertainment has been studied by different philosophers, in particular Blaise Pascal. Since the era of the consumer and leisure society. It has grown into a flourishing economic activity sector, particularly with regard to leisure and entertainment parks as well as the media.


The term entertainment is original Latin, it appeared in Europe at the end of the XV th century [ 1 ] . He then referred to the financial action of diverting for his own profit, or distracting, a part of the inheritance. Subsequently, this definition was taken up to apply it to the action of diverting the essential in general and, by extension, to what distracts someone from the essential. Gradually he became associated with the idea of pleasure and later of leisure.

Types of entertainment

· Entertainment by jokes

· Entertainment by Shows

· Entertainment by movies

· Entertainment by travelling


Behavior in which you say or do something. Not seriously, but for fun or as a joke: to take, to turn everything into itself. Act or word with which you make fun of sty. SIN hoax, hoax. Stay at the s. , do not take it badly for a joke received.

· Extends, Unexpected, unexpected event: the wet road gave me a bad.

Some jokes

It often starts with "Chest Toto…" and the theme is set. For the record, these anecdotes featuring a little boy named Toto date from the 19th century. They have been passed down from generation to generation and are still popular in France. Besides, who has never heard or told a Toto joke in the schoolyard or with the family? With the funny stories that follow, the fun is guaranteed!

School is not a great passion for Toto who always finds an escape from the questions asked by his teacher. And with his parents, Toto is also a hell of a rascal who never misses an opportunity to react. The proof in a few short stories!

Tomorrow is another day

The teacher said to Toto: “You are a grocer. I go into your store and I choose a salad for 1 euro, a kilo of carrots for 3 euros and three liters of orange juice for 4.50 euros. How much do I owe you?

Toto thinks for a moment and puts himself in the shoes of the grocer,

- Don't worry my little lady, you'll pay me your bill tomorrow! "

"A piece of straw please!"

The teacher asks Toto's class,

"Who can tell me why the three little pigs wanted to build a house?

Lulu, Toto's boyfriend puts his hand up and says,

- I know! They had eaten too much, were too fat and had to rebuild their houses to fit in!

- No, continues the mistress, it is because they were afraid of being eaten by the wolf! And you Toto, do you know that the first little pig met a farmer and asked him for straw to build his house? Can you tell me what this gentleman replied to him?

Toto thinks for a moment and announces proudly,

- He said "Oh owl, a talking pig"! "

Memory that falters

Toto's teacher asks her about the last geography lesson: "Can you tell me which countries are bordering France, Toto?"

Toto remains silent, the teacher lectures him,

- You still haven't seen geography class!

Toto answers:

- Yes, but by dint of racking my brains, I have a blackout!

What a story!

Toto comes home from school, thoughtful. His mom asks him,

- "What are you concerned about, Toto?

- I was telling myself that I would have preferred to live in the Middle Ages. "

Toto's mom is intrigued,

- "Why do you say that?

- Because I would have had fewer history lessons to learn! "

Show Jokes

Joke in SNL

There are some jokes that are happed in the shows like that joke on Sidney Applebaum in SNL. Joke in SNL is happed because in show someone says that he would be a person that will be remembered in the history. This make audience a laughter. And it can so much attention. There are many other examples that can be give you laughter.

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