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Why selecting a correct tyre set is important?

Why selecting a correct tyre set is important?

Tyres may look like a round figure made of rubber, which they are, but there’s more to the story. You can’t overlook the important functions performed by these round and black rubber circles. They perform the most important task of connecting your vehicle to the road. 

This takes us to the safety factor. You need a pair of tyres that are strong, durable, and reliable. One can’t risk their life over a few bucks. That’s why Premium tyres are usually recommended for safety and performance reasons. Still, wondering why you need a correct tyre set? The following reasons are more than enough to support this point.

Sliding and skidding

A regular driver does not need to perform stunts and manoeuvres on the road. That’s something to be left to the professional racers. But what if you are forced to do that so a collision could be avoided? You will be left skidding on the road. Now, to withstand such harsh atmospheres and situations you need 195 65 r15 tyres that can be your perfect partners. 

Unwanted situations arrive at the most inappropriate times. You need to be prepared for them and a correct tyre assists you in achieving this. The problem with cheap tyres online is they will provide aid while skidding but will refuse to work when you straighten the steering wheel. This will ultimately lead you towards another vehicle or any other object. Branded or Premium tyres are designed to assist when you skid or slide. 


As explained above, you need tyres that can keep you safe while skidding or sliding. Imagine yourself enjoying a beautiful drive with your family and the tyre gets punctured. It spoils your mood, even more, when it is caused due to a minor obstacle. Not that the punctures can be avoided but good-quality tyres do hold on to themselves during minor shocks. 

When you buy a branded tyre you drive with peace of mind because you are aware of its quality. Safety and smooth drives make your driving experience worth cherishing. 

Grip and traction

These two aspects determine how good your tyres are. Having a strong grip on the road adamant. It sticks your vehicle to the road and avoids any possibility of slippage. Driving a vehicle with less grip can be challenging, especially in wet and snowy conditions.

Traction is another factor you should look for while replacing your tyres. It is extremely important when you hit the roads in the winter conditions. Cheap quality winter tyres will not perform as good as branded tyres. Winter roads can pose a challenge to a vehicle equipped with low-quality tyres. 


The average life of a tyre set is almost eight years, but their longevity also depends on how you drive and tyre maintenance as well. Low-quality tyres don’t last long. You may get the illusion of saving money with cheap tyres but in reality, you are getting conned in the long run. What’s the use of buying tyres that may not last even 4-5 years. 

Branded tyres, on the other hand, are long-lasting. They come with a long warranty period. The companies selling them are aware of their product’s quality and that’s why they sell them with enough warranty period. These tyres are also manufactured using the latest technologies. This further inflates their chances of lasting long. 

Your job does not end with buying branded and high-quality tyres. You need to keep them in a good condition for better performance and longevity. Here's what you should keep in mind:

Never drive with under or over-inflated tyres. In both cases, you will be risking the tyre life. over-inflated tyres can deform easily and wear fast. Under-inflated tyres can be punctured even with a minor object.

Keep a check on your tread depth. You need to change your driving style if you witness uneven tread wear. 

You should not drive off-road frequently with regular tyres. This depletes their performance and life.


There are many reasons for you to invest money in branded tyres. You save money in the long run and the performance is unmatched. 

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