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Some simple steps to fix the auto subscription service

Some simple steps to fix the auto subscription service

Auto-subscription is a special feature that renews the license automatically. Today, most of the premium programs like antivirus, editing, and photoshop software provide subscriptions. You can’t purchase the whole program but get the subscription. Various plans are available for every program according to the specifications. When you get the subscription, you can easily use the tools of your program on the device. If your program is expiring; you can renew the subscription. Sometimes, renewing the subscription manually seems bothersome. If you are using a monthly licensed program then you have to renew the license every month. For those programs, you can use the auto-renewal mode. When you enable the auto-renewal mode on the system; the plan will renew automatically and payment will occur from your bank account. But the auto-renewal feature is not available on every program. Check your setup for auto-renewal features. Users can enable or disable the auto-renewal feature of the program anytime.

Disabling Auto-renewal mode of your program

Indeed auto-renewal is a good feature but it can be troublesome. When a user wants to upgrade a plan but forgets to cancel the auto-renewal then the plan will get auto-renewed. When the user wants to install another program then he must cancel the auto-renewal.

How to cancel auto renewal on Avast?

When the user wants to upgrade the Avast setup; he must cancel the auto-renewal service. After disabling the setup; the program will not renew automatically.

  1. Open the program and My Info page
  2. Select Subscription window
  3. Check the auto-renewal status
  4. Open the subscription tab and hit the Cancel button

Users will see a confirmation window on the screen. Select the Cancel button and the Avast license will get cancelled. Now users can see the expiry date of the program. The user can run an Avast scan and all the other features of the program till the expiry date. When the subscription expires; the user can upgrade or renew manually.

Can I cancel the subscription after auto-renewal?

Yes, you can also cancel the subscription to your program after auto-renewal. But you will only get your refund if you cancel it within a few days. Not all programs provide refunds. You can check the policy and make changes accordingly. When a user cancels his subscription in a few days of renewal; he can contact the team for a refund. But after the refund; the program will immediately expire. When you cancel the subscription but don’t go for the refund then you can use the program till the expiry date.

Fixing auto-renewal subscription errors

Some users faced auto-renewal errors on the programs. The error on auto-renewal appears when the banking account is not working. Auto-renewal will only occur when the registered bank account is working. When you are getting the error on auto-renewal then inspect the connected account. If the account details are wrong then enter the correct details. Once the user enters the correct details, the auto-renewal process starts working. Users can also get this error when some of the policies and tools get changed. Users will see the notification regarding the changes to the setup. The auto-renewal will not occur until the user confirms the changes to the setup.

Renewing the license manually

When you get an auto-renewal error; check the available services. Auto-renewal service is not available on every plan. Open the subscription window of your program and check the auto-renewal status. If it is not available then your program can’t renew automatically. In that case, the user has to renew the subscription of his program manually. Most of the programs start showing expiry warnings earlier. When the user sees the expiry warning; he can renew his license. The new subscription will start after the current subscription expires. When you subscribe before the expiry; the program doesn’t expire. If the user needs continuous service then renewing the subscription before expiry is a better choice. Now go to the program and check the expiry date. If the subscription is about to end then renew the subscription.

  1. Open the dashboard and hit on the subscription window
  2. Select the license and hit the renew button
  3. Program renewal page will appear
  4. Select the plan and tap the renewal button

Enter the renewing details and wait to confirm. After renewal, check your subscription window for the remaining days. If the expiry date gets extended then your program is renewed successfully.

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