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10 Best Mobile Apps To Learn Coding From Scratch in 2021

10 Best Mobile Apps To Learn Coding From Scratch in 2021

According to Statista, the number of software developers in the world is predicted to reach 28,7 million software engineers by 2024. Programming has become the favorite profession of kids in schools.

Who thought someday Python would be taught at elementary school? The idea of data science, AI, machine learning, and creating modern mobile and web apps intrigues individuals.

And fortunately, there has never been a lack of resources. If you’re eager to be counted among the world’s best programmers, you have plenty of online resources available to learn your favorite programming language.

In this article, I’m going to mention the best mobile apps you can use today for learning to code from scratch. So without further ado, let’s see which app we have got at the top.


Fancy learning JavaScript? But maybe you’re struggling to comprehend its syntax, functions, etc. This application is going to make it easier for you. It features an interactive user interface and provides thorough and in-depth tips and tutorials to help you out.

The tutorial system always starts off with the essential assignments, so one can easily follow along and even go back to revise things. 


A coding app with multiple learning paths, Mimo boasts several languages and technologies including Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, Swift, Kotlin, C++, SQL, and PHP.

Alongside a friendly user interface, Mimo gamifies learning streaks with awards so the participants keep coding and learning. 


Another JavaScript teaching app for beginners. The app is designed by a team from Code with Google. Though it’s completely free, yet it offers great features including a drag and drop style code editor perfect for those new to programming.

It has short lessons so one can pay attention to every specific detail and complete them anywhere, any time. To enhance the interest of users, it features a reward system for participants in the form of awards and certificates.


Chances are you are already familiar with the app. If not, it’s worth trying. It contains a series of courses for multiple programming languages. You get basic and concise tutorials, apt for beginners, and as well as lessons and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Further, you can share your results with others users on the platform. Competing with friends and family members becomes fun. The app covers JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, Swift, C++, Ruby, and PHP.

5.Khan Academy

Who isn’t aware of Khan Academy, savior of millions of global students who start preparing for exams exactly a month before. Khan Academy has a coding app as well. The app can help you to learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

The best bit is, it’s completely free and available on both iOS and Android.

6.Codecademy Go

Codeacademy’s website is quite popular among amateur programmers. Codeacademy Go is the mobile app version of their website and differs from the app in terms of features. Yet, it provides enough resources for programming enthusiasts to practice coding even when they are away from the computer.

7.Programming Hero

Programming Hero is an Android app for learning programming. The app actually makes coding fun and engaging. It teaches you to build your own game while learning how to code at the same time. 

Further, there are forums where you can chat with other community members and learn new tips to enhance your knowledge.


Want to teach your kids coding? Tynker is one of those popular coding apps geared towards kids, parents, and educators fascinated by coding. If your kid is just starting out with coding, the app supports not only game design but also the basics of robotics, JavaScript, and Python.

Further, it has challenges and quizzes to keep the kids interested in it. The app is available only for iOS devices.

9.Enki App

You might not have heard much about the app but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth using. The app can be your personalized track to improve your programming skills if you know how to make the best use of it.

It facilitates JS, Python, Linux, HTML, CSS, Java, and Git. It lets you set daily goals to learn to program and keep track of your streak. With every lesson, you get a summary of the main concept for the day as well as an attached in-depth article to guide you.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

10.Programming Hub

This app was named Google Play’s Editor’s choice app. This is because of its interactive user interface and its support for a wide array of languages including C++, C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. This app, too, is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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