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Is vehicle livery a good marketing technique in United Kingdom?

Is vehicle livery a good marketing technique in United Kingdom?

If you want to improve your brand awareness and attract more customers to your business you need to start investing in the 21st-century marketing technique: vehicle livery.

Vehicle livery offers high impact branding at very low costs. It is the ideal advertising strategy for small businesses looking for a cost-effective way to reach out to their target audience.

Vehicle livery can help advertise and promote a business while on the road. Vehicle livery can be useful in creating brand awareness as thousands of people can see the vehicle as it moves around.

According to research, more than 3000 people can notice vehicle livery on the road every hour. Vehicle livery involves printing the company’s name, logo and contact details on the vehicle in the form of attractive. The exposure a business can gain from this could result in strong publicity for the business.

What is vehicle livery? How is it useful for business?

Vehicle livery helps transform the external appearance of a vehicle, by applying vinyl graphics, to advertise and promote a business when the vehicle is on the road.

It  is used for revamping the fleet of business vehicles and creating a strong corporate identity that is identifiable by the people on the road.  

Vehicle livery may involve printing the company logo on the side of the vehicle or printing all the contact details of the business in brightly coloured graphics. The exposure received from vehicle livery can play a big role in determining the future success of the business.

  • Solves your marketing problems, offers endless marketing opportunities

Vehicle graphics can make your fleet of vehicles stand out from other vehicles while travelling on the road. Company vehicles flaunting the brand details will help get important marketing opportunities each day, even when they are least expected.

Branding the vehicles is a cost-effective solution guaranteeing the right exposure within the local area, this can play a huge role in solving most marketing problems.

  • Non-Obtrusive Form of Advertising

It is a form of mobile and non-obtrusive form of advertising. People try to avoid any form of obtrusive or aggressive advertising.

Unlike most forms of advertising like TV advertising or radio advertising, It can catch the eye of the observers without obstructing or disturbing them in what they are doing.  Customers are known to respond better to advertising options that are not very much on their face.  

Covering vehicles in branded graphics is a wonderful way of catching people’s attention without interrupting them. Whether a vehicle is parked in a parking lot or is travelling on the road, people will notice the vehicle graphics.

  • Protecting the Vehicle Paintwork

Vehicle livery helps protect vehicles from daily damage through wear and tear. It offers an extra layer of protection to the vehicles, keeping the vehicles looking good and new.

It prevents any scratching on the paintwork of the vehicle. Wrapping a vehicle in livery or vinyl graphics is considerably cheaper than going for an altogether new paint job. Application and removal of vehicle wraps are easy and does not damage the original paintwork of the vehicle. 

  • Cost-effective advertising

It is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. The cost per view is very low.  It is very durable, lasting up to 5-7 years. Wrapping a vehicle is also comparatively cheaper than getting a new paint job.

\With vehicle livery, one has the option to easily change the graphics or update information without having to spend a bomb.  

What is a livery car wrap?

There are two methods of undertaking vehicle livery. One is by using vinyl graphics and the other involves using livery car wraps.


Any business vehicle is like a blank canvas. One can make the most of this blank canvas to promote their business. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. You can protect the vehicle paintwork and at the same time make it look attractive with beautiful colourful graphics. 



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