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Safety measures by coworking spaces for a safer workspace

Safety measures by coworking spaces for a safer workspace

The coworking space has been one of the places where crowds from different places come together, work with the same amenities, and share the same seats.

With the current scenario of health issues, coworking spaces, whose key clientele includes travelers and freelancers, it has become the primary concern of the people to ensure the required levels of safety measures before the reopening and normal functioning of the coworking spaces.

Companies deciding to at least convert 5% of the onsite workers to permanent remote workers, the usage of coworking spaces would increase post the decision.

With people coming back to work after a couple of months of work from home, it is the duty of the coworking space management to keep the space completely safe for the workers as well as the coworking space management who works day in and out to make the space work-friendly and health-friendly for our clients.

Here are a few tips for the coworking space management to get ready to welcome the coworkers after the lockdown.

Cooperation and consideration is the only factor that can help us make it practical, as well as a safe place. Any kind of falls and ignorance from the coworkers can flame up the situation and bring us back to the old, locked-down situation.

The Guidelines to be followed are mentioned below

1. No entry without mask and sanitization

Make it sure that no one enters the coworking space without wearing a mask. Always have the sanitizer outside the door and everyone has to use it every time they come in from outside.

Also, have a thermal check up on everyone who enters the coworking space and have a log of the same.

Avail enough soap and cleaning facilities within the coworking space. The co working space in Pune is using contactless sanitizers to make it safer within the coworking spaces.

Use sanitizers and tissues once you touch door handles, toilets, desks, meeting room, etc. Use good quality masks in the right way while within the coworking spaces.

2. Social distancing in the coworking space also.

Within the coworking space, contain only the number of people that do not breach the rules of social distancing. If the coworking space is not large enough to contain every member maintaining the social distance, try to take shifts for the members, ensuring the quorum.

Consider changing the layout of the coworking space. Keep all the desks at a minimum distance of 1.5 m following the social distance. Coworking spaces are using dividers and separators between the desks and use cross marks at the cafeteria.

Wipe your desk with a sanitizer before and after the usage and work.

3. Minimize the usage of meeting rooms

Meetings bring in a lot of people and the chances of spreading infection, in any case, is higher. Hence, either cancel bookings for the meeting room or reduce the meeting room bookings for a period of time.

Take almost all the meetings online, reducing the chances of human involvement and interaction.

4. Do not touch the face