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Building construction costs estimator villa.

Building construction costs estimator villa.

Building costs

If you want to buy a plot and realize your dream home on it, then you are probably curious about the price tag attached to it. In addition to the ground and construction costs, you also have to deal with all kinds of other additional costs. In this blog, we give you an overview of the total cost. This way you will not be faced with surprises.

Foundation costs

The total costs for the purchase of a plot, the design, the preparations, the construction of a house, and finally the costs for the garden, paving, garden, and furnishing are referred to as the foundation costs.


Costs By land costs we mean the purchase price of the lot. The costs for this vary greatly with regard to the size of the plot, but also certainly per province, city, and even street.

Demolition costs

It may be that an existing house is still on the plot. This will have to be demolished. It is also possible that this house still contains asbestos. Demolition costs can be determined depending on the size and quantity of these 2 parts.

Costs architect / constructor

An architect translates your wishes into a sketch design. In this design, the rules of the zoning plan are of course taken into account. In a later phase, the sketch design will be converted into a complete permit application. The constructor will also have to make a complete construction calculation. These costs are included in the contract price at Measure Management.


To be able to build at all, you need an environmental permit. This replaces various separate permits, such as the building permit and environmental permit, and you can apply for it at the municipality. You pay so-called fees for such a permit. The amount thereof differs per municipality, this is around 3 to 4% of the construction costs.

Soil investigation

If you want to take out a self-build mortgage, the lender may require a number of documents. For example, you must provide the results of a soil investigation as proof that the soil on which you are building is suitable for this. The costs for this depend on the plot size.

Completion guarantee

It is possible to take out a so-called completion guarantee with Woningborg through Measure Management. There are mortgage providers who require this. Measure Management is not obliged to take out a Housing Guarantee. The costs for a Home Guarantee Certificate are 0.5% of the contract price.


You must also be able to prove that the house to be built has a certain value. The value of the house must therefore be determined by an appraiser, based on the construction drawings and the purchase agreement. The costs of an appraisal vary but will be around $500

Construction costs

The construction costs estimator are all costs that we charge you as a builder. Of course, it is 100% clear what you get for this through the drawings with a clear Technical Description. We can inform you well what the costs will be for the construction of your dream home

Kitchen and bathroom

The contract price of Measure Management does not include costs for a bathroom/toilet and kitchen. These will undoubtedly have to be delivered and installed. It is wise to visit the kitchen and bathroom supplier at an early stage. They will be able to inform you which amounts you should take into account in your case.

Additional costs

In addition to all these costs, you also have to deal with additional costs. These include the costs of arranging your mortgage. On average that costs $2,750. The costs for the official transfer of the land are also at your expense. Count on about $1,000 for the deeds and costs of registering the deed in the Land Registry.

Connection costs for utilities

During construction, you will need water and electricity. You will therefore have to deal with costs for the temporary connection of construction water and electricity. For the connection of utilities, such as water, sewerage, electricity, television, and telephony, there is also a bill on your doormat.

Furnishing and relocation

Do you have the key to the house? Nice! But remember in advance that there are also costs associated with moving your belongings, furnishing your house, and possibly building a garden and pavements. Of course, this depends on the size of the house, the use of materials, and the finish level.

Monthly charges If you are

Buying / building a house for the first time, consider the various monthly charges such as a mortgage, storage, and home insurance, (gas) - water, electricity costs, etc.


Measure Management has drawn up a budget to provide insight into the total costs for the construction of a house. This can be filled in at your own discretion. If you would like to receive such budgeting, please contact us. We can send you a budget by email. If it comes to an agreement, we will go through this budgeting together to make it as realistic as possible.

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