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Facebook ad manager, what is it for?

Facebook ad manager, what is it for?

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At first glance, the Facebook ad manager does not have a very intuitive interface. Especially when you start with Facebook ads. The first time I used the Facebook Ads Manager I thought to myself, how it works! Why are there these 3 tabs "Campaigns", "Set of advertisements", "Advertisements"? What's the point? What is the difference?

Facebook Ad Manager

I think I'm not the only one to put these questions. Understanding this somewhat peculiar structure will make it easier for you to create Facebook ads. So let's go! To create an ad in Facebook Business manager, you need to go to "Ads manager".

It is in the "Ads manager" that all your ads are grouped together and that you will be able to create your ads, modify them, track them, analyze them. This is the main area of Facebook Business Manager and, it’s there that you are going to spend the most time.

If you are on the Business Facebook Manager home page, the “Ads manager” option is at the top left.

Facebook ad manager

If you are in another Business Facebook Manager section, you have this icon on the left of your screen, click on it to access the shortcuts. The Ads Manager is located there.

What do the "Campaign", "Ad set", "Ads" tabs mean in the ad manager?

Once you are in the Ads Manager it can be a bit confusing the first time around. 3 tabs are available: the Campaigns tab, the Ad Set tab and the Ads tab.

Understand the Campaign tabs - set of advertisements - advertisements

Facebook divides the creation of an advertisement into 3 levels (3 steps)

1. Campaigns : Level 1 (step 1)

2. Set of advertisements: Level 2 (step 2)

3. Advertisements: Level 3 (step 3)

To fully understand the structure, think of a funnel. At the top of the funnel is the “Campaign” section and at the bottom of the funnel the “Ads” section.

Campaign: Level 1

This is where you will fill in the most general information about your advertisement. Why do you want to advertise? What is your objective?

Example: I want to create a Facebook ad to promote my webinar. I want there to be as much traffic as possible to my landing page. The objective of my campaign will be "traffic".

Ad set: level 2

At this point, you start to detail a little more. You will fill in the information about the audience you want to target (who is she? Her age? What are her interests?) In addition, it is at this stage that you will define the budget and the period broadcast. Example: For my webinar, I want to reach English teachers. I want teachers who go to their Facebook page to see my ad. The audience that I will choose: Male-Female, between 25 and 55 years old and who have as a center of interest the teaching of English. My budget will be $ 200 for a period of 5 days.

Advertisements: level 3

It is at this stage that you will create the advertisement which will be displayed in the news feed of the audience defined at level 2. It is therefore at this stage that you will choose a title, write a description text, choose an image or a video, and define a button that calls to action as well as the link to the landing page.



When you are familiar with the interface, you will find that this division by tabs is very practical. Do you want to change the text of your advertisement? Click directly on the “Advertisements” tab to access the advertisement to modify.

Want to change your audience? Click on the “Ad Set” tab and change your audience.

This organization is also very interesting for carrying out tests. In each of your campaigns, you'll be able to create multiple “ad sets” (to reach different audiences) and multiple ads (with different text, different images) to test different ads and see which ones work best.

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