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How Is The Digital World Harmful To Kids Mental Health?

How Is The Digital World Harmful To Kids Mental Health?

The kids are becoming more and more affected by the dangers of the digital world. The said pattern is mainly due to unsupervised internet access to the children. It is seen that during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic breakout, kids have got extended hand at using the internet with their choice.

This approach of using the unmonitored internet has hurt the kids’ health badly in many ways. The kids are getting offended more and more using digital networks.

The kids are getting trapped by the cybercriminals for gaining illegitimate benefits. The crimes on kids commonly revolve around cyberbullying, cyber predating, harassment, and identifying financial information of the parents that can come to haunt the family later. This pattern emerges with unmonitored internet access of the kids.

The main problem arises when a child’s health starts getting affected by this cybercrime activity. The kids start getting into self-isolation; they do not hand around, don’t attend social gatherings, they continuously think of the depleting situation as it will last forever and is not going to end.

On the other side, if a family gets financial damage due to a kid’s mistake, the same child starts feeling guilty of the mistake, and in some cases, as reported, the kids have tried to commit suicide.

So, the situation gets more and more alarming and needed to be addressed immediately. Thus, the parents look to have a close eye on the activities of the child over the internet so that all the above-mentioned threats can be tackled beforehand.

The best solution to the problem is using a kid spying and monitoring app that can actively record each and every bit of communication on the kids’ digital devices.

There are many spying services that claim to have a cell phone and laptop/computer spying facility, but most of them are to no use; they don’t offer any real deal.

The best spying service in this domain currently is TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy is providing spying facilities to parents for many years and is highly recommended by its users.

The app serves a bunch of features that are significant in spying on the kids’ digital device. The app also serves employers to monitor employees for maintaining business interests.

The app can be installed on the kids’ phone or laptop/computer after getting physical access only once; the child does not get any clue of the activity because TheOneSpy has efficiently taken this feature into account. It is compatible to be used with iOS, Android OS, Windows, and Mac OS. We will have a look at the salient features that can protect the kids from mental health issues.

TheOneSpy – Social Media Apps Tracking

Social networking apps are the major source of cybercrimes on children. The problem has the roots in the increased number of unverified users over these platforms, these users look to stalk into the lives of the kids and try to breach the security protocols by developing good relationships with the kid, and later on they betray and blackmail the kids once they get their personal information.

TheOneSpy allows the parents to go through all the chats of social networking apps. This provides a fair insight into the pattern of communication of the kid within the network, and if something alarming and inappropriate is there regarding the kid, the same can be taken up for necessary action.

The images and video shared over the network with the child can be viewed in real-time. The app even allows removing the specific content if it is not aligned with the prescribed moral standards.

A specific contact can be blocked for communicating with the child if the same shares unsuitable or morally challenging content with the kid.

The app allows recording and saving all the VoIP and video calls to the online dashboard; this feature allows listening to all the VoIP calls in real-time.

Phone Call Recording and Listening

TheOneSpy allows the end-user to listen to all the phone calls made or received over the cell phone. This allows knowing if someone is harassing the child over the phone calls, the same can be handled effectively using the feature.

Blocking Inappropriate Websites

The parent can block a number of inappropriate websites that are prone to criminal activities and criminal offenses on children. These websites can be blocked from the end-user’s control panel, and after blocking, the child will not be able to access them.

Keylogger feature identifies password

The keylogger feature of the app identifies the password of all the installed applications on the target device. This provides a fair view of the kid’s activities over different platforms.


The discussion revolves around the mental health challenges faced by the kids due to the problems of cybercrimes and suggests that parents should extensively monitor the kids' activities over the digital networks, and TheOneSpy serves best in this domain. 

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