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Orthodontic Emergencies During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Orthodontic Emergencies During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Most orthodontic practices in the UK are now open for in-office care, but these orthodontic practices are prioritising emergency appointments and people who need immediate care. Most people need to know what category each orthodontic need falls into to help them know the right steps to follow if they experience any of these orthodontic issues.

Below, you will find different orthodontic problems and the category they fall into to help you know what to do if you suffer from any of the problems.


If you have any of these orthodontic issues below, you may not need to visit the clinic because you can easily sort the issue out at home or contact your orthodontic clinic for guidance on how to manage the situation.

  • Your braces wire is digging into your gum or cheeks
  • You experience discomfort from contact friction of the braces with your gum or cheeks
  • You have a loose appliance like RMEs or quadhelixes
  • You have a broken tube or bracket although there is no risk of swallowing it or you do not experience pain or damage or pain in your mouth

Orthodontic emergency

If you experience any of the following orthodontis issues, you should contact your orthodontic practice as soon as you can.

  • Swelling in your face, cheek, or gum, which is rapidly swelling. If you notice the swelling spreading to your eyes, the floor of your mouth or neck, ensure you tell your orthodontist when you contact the clinic
  • Pain or problems with mini implants or screws (TADS)
  • You have a broken part of the braces which causes you pain or has damaged a part of your mouth, and you have not been able to mage the situation using self-help advice
  • Ill-fitting or broken removable aligners
  • A part of your braces gets loose, and you are at risk of swallowing it
  • You have problems after your orthognathic surgery
  • You experience facial trauma which causes you problems like pain and discomfort
  • You have damaged, or broken retainers which you can’t wear or the retainers are difficult to wear
  • You experience intense pain which makes it difficult to concentrate or sleep
  • You have been following the advice given by your orthodontist, but the problem keeps getting worse.

When you contact your orthodontic practice, they will offer you phone support and provide you with the right steps to take or ask you to visit the practice.

Accidents and emergency

The following requires you to visit an accident and emergency unit immediately.

  • You swallow a part of your braces which results in choking or difficulty in breathing
  • You experience uncontrollable and rapid mouth bleeding
  • You have facial swelling which affects your vision, swallowing, prevents you from opening your mouth, or breathing
  • You experience trauma which causing vomiting, double vision or loss of consciousness

Your health and safety is important and should not be joked with. Ensure you always contact your invisalign dentist in London for advice if you have any orthodontic issue.

You can contact Dental Clinic London now on 020 71830527 to speak with an orthodontist if you have an orthodontic emergency.

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