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Is SARS-COV-2 More Deadly?

Is SARS-COV-2 More Deadly?

The year 2020 has been a disaster for everyone. The world has not overcome the effect of the primary coronavirus yet, and it came back even in its stronger form. ‘The Mutated Coronavirus’ has spread a new sensation at the end of 2020.

COVID-19 spread at the same time of the year like this new variant of coronavirus has spread. The new version is not terrifying because the world has got used to it. It is more transmissible and people are worried. Coronavirus testing lab is helping people in detecting their symptoms. Let’s go through the details of the new ‘mutant coronavirus’.

What Does Mutated Mean?

‘Mutated’ words are derived from mutation. In the late 14 century, a Latin word, ‘Mutationem’ meaning ‘change’ mold into ‘mutation’ in English. The literal meaning of the word is ‘I vary, I change, etc’.

The new coronavirus that we call ‘mutated virus’ is a changed form of the COVID-19. In science, the mutation occurs in the DNA because of any mistake, or either the DNA is copied several times. The copies of the DNA can occur due to UV light, smoke, or other environmental factors. So, the mutation of DNA is the replication of DNA.

Coronavirus and it's mutated version is stronger and faster.

Is The New Version More Deadly?

When COVID-19 got popular, it was believed to be dangerous. But the mutant form is always deadly.

Scientists have concluded that it can be more deadly than its predecessor. No evidence has come forward up till now but the death rate has increased by 50%. The mortality rate has increased in the UK by leading to 50-70 deaths per day.

Is Coronavirus 2, The New Mutated Version?

The COV-2 is also known as SARS-COV-2. It is like the new Money Heist season’s sensation. People are getting crazier to know about the next episode of mutated coronavirus. It is the new scientific name for mutated coronavirus.

Symptoms for mutated coronavirus are acute respiratory syndrome, nausea, and diarrhea. Sometimes it shows fever too. But very few people know about COV-2 symptoms. It includes bluish lips, a confused state of mind, inability to wake or stay awake.

Studies of different scientists say that the mutated version is spreading fastly. It is 70% more transmissible. SARC-COV-2 is more contagious than COV-19. A lot of states have recorded COV-2 present more than COV-19.

Best Corona Testing Lab In Chinatown Houston

CoronaVirus testing labs are helping people discover their new symptoms. In the UK, new cases have risen up to 40,000. While in the USA cases have touched up to 30,000.

With 19.2 Million cases, 152K cases are new in the last four months. With a 333K death rate in a year, the USA has 1230 deaths recently.

The death ratio is mentioned to make people aware of how important it is to get checked when you feel sick. Many people neglect minor illnesses like throat soreness or a slight fever. They consider them to be normal flu symptoms. But dear friend, it might not be normal if you keep it a secret.

All these people who are under the ground today might have neglected their symptoms. In case you are neglecting it, please do not. Before coronavirus, there have not been many laboratories testing for the disease. In many small towns, there were no facilities for testing COVID-19. Due to this reason too, hundreds of people lost their lives.

But with the passage of time, people acknowledged the disease. They are more aware. For instance, small but residential areas in Houston do have good labs now in the town. Corona Testing Lab in Chinatown Houston has good services for testing both COV-19 and SARS-COV-2.

People are avoiding meeting people in person and so are the doctors. But best wishes for who invented technology. Doctors set online appointments for their patients. Labs have also set online appointments for their patients. For example, if you are feeling sick, book your appointment, visit the lab, give the test, and pay online. A few labs are also offering tests to be taken at home.

Life has become easier and so all the processes have too. No ways left to risk your life in hell.

Suggestion To Keep You Safe From Coronavirus 2.0

There is no way of keeping yourself out of this corona trouble. But you can keep yourself safe by following some suggestions or precautionary steps.

All the doctors in the world have recommended corona protocols to keep yourself safe.

First thing first, a mask should be as important as your breath is. If you think it is hard to breathe in a mask, believe it or not, you won’t be breathing for so long without the mask. You better take precaution if you love your life. COVID-19 was a war but COVID-2 is a war for life. Like the cases are emerging in every small or big town, life risks are getting higher in every town.

Forget going out until the monster goes back to his home. Coronavirus is a monster that will eat everyone and everything. It might be the world’s downfall for some time but we are going to get raised again.

Your fight is not with the disease but also with yourself as well. We know that it is hard to stop going to the malls and parties. But stopping yourself is taking care of your loved ones too.

It is not even hard.

● All you need to do is wash your hands time-to-time.

● Wear your mask while going out and if possible then at home too.

● If you feel sick or dizzy or have a sore throat, visit your nearest lab or doctor immediately.

● Drink hot water with honey and lemon.

● Use black seeds in the morning and take proper medication.

● If you feel a runny nose or fever, stay away from other people and wear a mask no matter what. Avoid public places where you are most likely to get COVID.

● In case you face any symptoms, visit the coronavirus testing lab as soon as possible.

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