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Quick Residential Move Tips That Make Your Move Hassle-Free

Quick Residential Move Tips That Make Your Move Hassle-Free

Do you know how to quickly move to a new home or apartment? Check out some tips that will help you and streamline this process.

Preparing to move from one house to another requires movers in Dubai, but it doesn't have to become bureaucratic. If you know where to start and how to assemble, this whole story will become faster and easier.

The secret to simplifying things is to plan according to the volume of objects you will have to pack, the care you will need to take with them considering the distance they will be transported, and the main thing, separate what you will need to use like this to arrive at the new house.

We selected 6 tips to help you when moving. Check out below how your life can be much simpler in this very special moment of a family's life.

Tip 1: Choose the most used environments to start organizing your move

Bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are the rooms that need to be tidied up first after a move, as they are the environment you most need to have available once you move into a new home.

Sleeping, bathing, and even cooking require a minimum of items and products to make life less complicated while things are not yet all in place.

Tip 2: Separate what is most emergency

This type of planning will ensure that you find things more easily and allow you to have minimal comfort to start life in your new home. For example, it is important to leave clean mattresses, pillows, and bedding always with easy access so that you can sleep even without the bed is 100% assembled, if applicable.

Also, separate some bath and face towels and pajamas or comfortable clothes to make yourself more comfortable. Hygiene items are also welcome.

Tip 3: Write in the boxes the items that are contained in them

One of the biggest difficulties is finding items packaged after moving. The identification process is simple and needs to be considered when organizing things. After sealing the boxes with tape, use a marker pen to write what is inside the boxes, such as clothes, kitchen items, dinner items, among others.

This tip not only helps to find each little thing later, but it serves as a warning for those who are going to transport about what may or may not be fragile and requires greater care. Write with a pen of a different color such as red to highlight that there are porcelain glass accessories.

Don't forget to wrap them in bubble wrap to prevent breakage. Newspapers in bowls and placing blankets inside possible furniture with glass doors, such as glass cabinets, is also an option to protect the glass

Tip 4: Make a previous cleaning in the environment and be aware of possible problems

The ideal before taking things to another house or apartment is to do basic cleaning and pay attention to problems of electricity, gas, etc. When making the move, prepare for the installation of a stove, shower, or electrical appliances keeping in mind what is working and what is not working.

During Move

When transporting, leave the electric cables and extensions next to the products so as not to lose them and identify with the tape and pen the sockets according to their voltages (either 110v or 220v). Most devices today are bivoltine, but some older devices do not have this functionality. Take care not to burn any product!

Tip 5: Separate essential items in a suitcase or travel bag

Did you change and go to work the next day? Have your personal items in a separate bag or suitcase. A more social part of shoes, some changes of clothes and hygiene and beauty items should be easily accessible.

Tip 6: Shared some items to help organize

It is not necessary to unpack all your pots, plates, glasses, and other utensils once you move. Keep in small boxes a fraction of these items separating the ones you use most and will need

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