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How To Decide On The Best Patent Validity Search Strategy?

How To Decide On The Best Patent Validity Search Strategy?

If you have discovered something and want to obtain protection for that, then what should be your strategy for that? The answer is simple and easy. You require to acquire as many patents possible for the design, technology, or product in all the countries where you intend to introduce them, and discovery might be something of commercial value. The scope of security and protection must be well balanced against all the costs of obtaining them. It is accomplished by taking into account all the profit levels which you might expect from the invention. From the multinational organization to the individual investor, everybody is seeking good money value.

Whenever you have any revolutionary concept or idea, you always try to find a way of converting it into something that will get you money. But how to know that your concept is applicable for a patent and whether it will pass or not? For that, you have to do patent research and analysis. If you hire a professional patent company to do the patent search, it will be a bit costly. But worry not, you also can do a free patent search at first.

Reasons For Doing A Free Patent Search

There are three good reasons for doing a free validity search before filing a patent application. They are as follows:-

  • For proving to you that there is no prior art that would invalidate your new idea and concept
  • You will have a clear idea about where your discovery will exactly fit. When you see the prior art, you might view a patent idea that is very much similar to your concept. With that knowledge, You can make alterations to the invention and make it new and free from any infringement.
  • Free patent invalidation search is simple and easy to carry out on the internet. You can carry out this free patent search in any famous search engine like Google. They also include a separate searching facility just for the patent owners. There are also numerous other free resources that you can search through for examining if the patent is capable of passing the USPTO examination or not.

But this does not mean that you should only rely on the free patent search. When your invention has passed through the free preliminary checking, you will require consulting a qualified Patent Research Provider. Enhanced thorough research by a professional and experienced patent searcher might be necessary for verifying that there is no prior art that will declare your patent invalid or can sue you with an infringement case.

Select Where You Want To File Your First Patent Application

Most people are undeniably keen on acquiring worldwide protection, but making a patent application for the UK nationality first makes a lot of sense. It is because the patent application fees are lower than in other countries, and there are numerous chances that your patent will get accepted by the British clients right after approval. You can file for an International or PCT application after one year, where the UK, searching report will offer a valuable indication of the patentability.

Timing Of Your First Application

To manufacture and design the actual product that will realize your invention, you will require revealing all the details to the others. Disclosing the discovery to the world before filing for a patent application can finally lead to the application being refused by the patent authorities or after your patent is found invalid. However, this does not mean that you should hurry up today for your patent filing. Keep in mind that you can disclose your discovery before filing to make sure that the people that you are revealing or speaking to are under the non-disclosure agreement.

You will get only one year after filing your application in most of the foreign countries. If you require any investment to make it possible, then the clock is running. Thus before filing for a patent application, you should make full use of the next 12 months for upgrading your invention. Note who you need to approach and what to say to them. Filing for a patent application and then thinking about ideas on how to sell them might be a sheer waste of time!

Do Thorough Research

Some brilliant inventions never saw the success of commercialization. That is why if you have never seen anything like your invention in the market or shops, that does not mean that nobody has invented it before. Many owners are disappointed and surprised when the examiner of the patent found out that the previous patent application will disclose the same invention.

Hiring a professional Patent Research Specialist does not always have to be expensive. The European Patent Office allows the owners to search for the comprehensive patent database free of charge. It is worth considering this commercial search. Whether or not you commission a thorough patent search before filing, you can also request the patent authorities to search the database.

Do Not Hurry Up If Unless You Require To

The UK patent office offers some flexibility in the timings of the patent application. Since most of the inventors are interested in getting a patent as soon as possible, applications are usually accelerated if it is useful to you. However, if you have no instant problem with the infringement issues and no commercial reason for hurrying up, then you should slow the patent application as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

The patent system gives you multiple offers for filing the patent application and doing thorough competitive landscape research. There is no single best strategy for filing a patent, but hiring a patent attorney will ease this difficult job. They always do their best to help their clients understand this complicated patent application process and get them through it.

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