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Best Ladies Dress Material Options for Customized Outfits

Best Ladies Dress Material Options for Customized Outfits

To overcome the problem of proper measurement and stitching is to opt for unstitched dress material and get it customized as per your needs and choices. Many women prefer unstitched dress materials as they can get it tailored in their desired pattern and design.

You even get the option to choose your favorite color or the trending color and pretty embellishments that will give you a flawless look. A number of fabric choices are available in the market from which you need to choose the one that is most adequate and eligible for you.

Here are some of the beautiful dress materials that are perfect for different occasions and festivals. These beautiful dress materials will definitely give you a diva look. Choose any one of them and get a dazzling ethnic look.

1. Printed Cotton Dress Material

The prettiest and most comfortable one in the list is wholesale cotton dress material. It’s bright and vibrant color makes it look amazing. The soft and breathable characteristics of cotton make it a perfect fabric for summers giving the wearer and fresh and cool feel.

Want to attend a kitty party or going on a brunch date, this printed cotton dress material will give you the desired look. A floral printed dress material or ones with some traditional motifs and thin laces makes it the best.

2. Embroidered Silk Dress Material

For a perfect glowy and shimmery look you can choose the soft and smooth silk dress material. Silk is considered as the most adoring fabric that is made from the cocoons of mulberry silkworms that can be woven into beautiful textiles and is used to make a number of traditional clothes.

The beautifully embroidered silk dress material with stones, diamonds, crystals and laces makes it a fabulous attire for special events and wedding functions. Detailing it with different types of embroidery gives it a flawless appeal.

3. Adoring Bandhani Dress Material

The traditional tie and dye technique of Gujarat that is used to decorate the cloth with fingernails into tiny bindings to form a figurative design is the immensely attractive bandhani. It requires a highly skilled process that involves the technique of dyeing the fabric tied tightly with a thread at several points that helps to produce different patterns.

The process of bandhani is done by hands and not by a machine that gives it a spectacular look. The bright-colored bandhani dress material looks amazing in a churidar pattern.

4. Ikat Print Dress Material

An adoring binding dyeing technique that originated from Indonesia uses colorful patterns and dyeing techniques that gives it a sterling look. The main characteristic of ikat textile is the apparent blurriness of the design that results in an extremely difficult weave making a finished textile or cloth.

There are single ikat prints and double ikat prints that give the dress a drastic appeal. Getting it tailored in a palazzo pattern will look really amazing. You can also opt for the pant-style pattern to get an adoring appeal.

5. Chanderi Silk Dress Material

This fabric got its name from Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh. The city is famous for its ancient Jain temples and the smooth and shimmery Chanderi silk fabric. Opting for a beautifully embroidered dress material and getting it customized in your favorite pattern can give you the best look. The fabric is best known for its sheer texture and lightweight. It gives you a luxurious feel while wearing. Getting the dress material customized in a churidar pattern will give you a tremendous look. You can even choose any other pattern that can be simple or fancy.

6. Leheriya Dress Material

Another traditional design is the leheriya design of Rajasthan. This simple and classical design resembles the wave of water. This traditional tie-dye technique is usually done on bright-colored clothes having distinctive patterns. The dyeing is usually done on thin silk or cotton clothes that gives a playful appeal to the attire. Beautiful dupattas, sarees, turbans and other ethnic outfits are made of it. If you love to wear bright and vibrant colors then you should definitely choose a leheriya dress material and get a fashionista look.

7. Flawless Linen Dress Material

To choose something for summers that is light in weight and highly comfortable is the strong and absorbent linen. The fabric is obtained from the fiber of flax plants and is considered to be the oldest fabric in the world. It is used to make a number of dresses that can be traditional or modern. It can be dyed in different colors but it looks best in pastel. The graceful linen dress material can be converted into different salwar suit patterns. Because of the minimalistic characteristics of linen it is considered to be the best fabric.

8. Heavy Velvet Dress Material

From the list of different dress materials, velvet is also one. This woven tufted fabric is evenly distributed in cut threads with a short dense pile that gives it a distinctive soft feel. Usually, heavy traditional outfits such as salwar suits, lehenga, and sarees are made from velvet.

It tends to be a perfect choice for weddings and other special functions. Velvet differs in weight depending upon the type of fabric from which it is made. This soft and smooth fabric can be made from natural fibers and synthetic fibers as well. So choose the best wholesale cotton dress material and get it stitched in the pattern that you like.

Wrap Up:

These are some of the best ladies' dress material options for customized outfits that will give you a gleaming look. Having some of these in your wardrobes will give you the option to choose one whenever you wish to wear something ethnic.

After choosing the dress, add some accessories to it and choose eligible makeup to complete the overall look. Don’t forget to add a matching pair of footwear of your choice and a clutch that will be required to keep your important things in it. Choose your favorite accessories and complete your salwar kameez look for the event.  

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