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Do Testosterone Boosting Supplements Really Work?

Do Testosterone Boosting Supplements Really Work?

Testosterone levels ensure healthy sexual development of a male. The drive, sperm count, and libido depend on the testosterone levels in the male.

Males with low testosterone levels feel less libido and difficulties in the erection process. The testosterone supplements support the male who are facing the problem of sagging levels and cure the symptom that is visible in the form of erection issues.

Testosterone in males

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for male characteristics like facial hair, voice, muscle growth, and normal sexual development. It is also produced by women, but the amount is less. Some males who produce lower levels of testosterone than estrogen also face the same erection issues, which come with lower testosterone levels. A male faces some decline in testosterone levels after 30 years of age. But the decline is slow. Experts have observed that mid-aged males on Cialis 60 mg, a higher dose for severe erection issue, also suffer from low testosterone.

Causes behind lower testosterone levels

Aging is a natural process which lowers the testosterone levels in the male. However, there are other factors causing decline in testosterone levels. Obesity, side effects of chemotherapy, type 2 diabetes, disorders in pituitary gland, genetic disorders, and hypothyroidism, etc are some of the reasons behind lower testosterones in males.

The first visible sign of low testosterone is low libido and erectile dysfunction. males often go for testosterone supplements or therapy to permanently cure the lower libido and erection issue , but the point is can testosterone supplement restore the normal benefits that come with testosterone to a male .

Role of testosterone supplement

Testosterone supplements are medicine doses or medicines that restore the lower levels of testosterone.

D aspartic acid, a natural amino acid boosts testosterone level, by working on hypothalamus. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is produced by adrenal glands. Experts recommend the supplement to seniors with low testosterone levels. But sportsmen and sportswomen cannot take this supplement .but results are mixed.

Zinc is another important supplement for male with low testosterone levels. It contributes to more than 100 chemical processes in our body. Higher zinc levels push up testosterone levels. The appropriate dose of zinc increases the erection process in males. Zinc supplement also boosts male fertility and testosterones.

The actual progress report of supplements

Marketing agencies project testosterone supplements as libido enhancers. However, in view of experts libido levels may not depend on testosterone levels. Low testosterone does not restrict the erection process of a man .There may be no noticeable decline in the erection process of the man.

Legitimate, there may be testosterone boosters, but their impact is not as high as they promised or which can affect the male positively. But some of them do push up the levels by a few percentage points.

Another point is that it is not possible to see whether supplements are working. But With the blood tests, you detect only T levels, which can be up and down depending on variables. The bottom result is that it is not easy to check growth in testosterone levels as promised by the supplements.

Impact lasts only for one month

D-Aspartic Acid had shown hope in pushing up testosterone levels, but later it came out through research that its impact declined after a month of its use. After the month, the testosterones return to the normal level that was before the intake of supplements. And only a month long period is not considered a long enough period to have any meaningful impact to cure the problem permanently.

Also, the study was conducted to find the result on males with normal testosterone levels; however some short time impact was noticeable in males with low testosterone.

Before going for supplements, to push up the testosterones, the male must consult the medical expert to understand whether there is any urgent requirement for supplements. If the aim is just to boost the erection process, then using Sildenafil citrate 200mg will be the best option, as doctors prescribe the dose to get a quick relief from severe erection difficulties.


Testosterone supplements have only limited impact lasting a month, after the month testosterone levels come back to normal. Consult a medical expert to make sure that you cannot manage daily life without testosterone supplement. Otherwise, there is no need for a supplement. Get options for natural remedies in the form of foods or fruits.

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