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What is a CMS | A complete guide 2021

What is a CMS | A complete guide 2021

A CMS or a content management system is software used for building websites and creating content that will be published on the internet. In simple words, CMS enables creating a website without having to write any code.

In the earlier days when the web and internet were a fairly new concept, developers were required to have knowledge about HTML. HTML was needed to develop a website and for publishing content online.

Everyone could not develop a website or publish content, but thanks to CMS publishing content and developing a website has become very easy.

You no longer need to write the website code from scratch, the CMS software does it for you. Using CMS software is like driving a car. One may not understand the science and mechanics behind the working of a car, but can still drive it easily without any issues.

CMS is like the simplified dashboard and pedals in the car which tells what has to be done to drive smoothly.

With powerful CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. one needs to just log in to the website dashboard and work on a simplified interface to create the required web pages, add content and customize the design. 

The CMS works in the background to create the code for website development.

What are the features of a Content Management System?

Some of the key features of a Content Management System are:

  • Creation of Content: A CMS allows users to create, edit and post content on the internet.
  • Storage of Content: A CMS helps in storing the content in one place in a reliable manner.
  • Workflow management: A CMS assigns the rights and responsibilities to individuals based on their roles as authors, editors, or administrators.
  • Publishing of Content: A CMS helps in publishing the content live on the internet.

What are the uses of CMS in web design and CMS in web development?

Some of the specific ways in which a Content Management System can help improve the productivity of the team and increase the visibility online are:

  • No Coding Knowledge Required

CMS enables individuals with no coding knowledge to build a website, this has helped revolutionize web design.

Businesses and individuals can build their websites and maintain their content easily without any help from web developers or designers. Creating and managing content, customizing the website design have been made very easy by CMS.

  • Easy Collaboration

CMS allows multiple users to access and work on the website at the same time. Different individuals from different teams or departments can work on the CMS together.

It means that the marketing team can produce content, the IT team can develop security protocols all at the same time. In simple words, CMS helps in improving the workflows and productivity of the team.

  • SEO Features

CMS platforms offer several SEO hacks and several extensions and plugins which help in optimizing the website for search engines. You can customize the Meta titles and descriptions, add alt text, create 301 redirects, etc. with CMS.

It helps in optimizing the loading time which plays an important role in determining the ranking of the website on Google and other search engines.

  • Customization

The majority of the CMS platforms offer a range of pre-designed templates which can be applied in order to customize the appearance of your site. The choice of templates can also determine the behavior and impact of the website.

For example, a responsive template helps ensure your website looks good on all types of devices without having to worry about writing codes for the same. Customized templates help in saving the time spent on designing before launching the website. CMS also makes website redesigning much faster and simpler.

  • Simple and Easy

As mentioned a CMS helps to make changes or updates to a website easily and quickly.  Right from redesigning a website to making minor updates like changing images or adding content, everything can be easily done with a CMS.

All you need to do is to log in to a CMS and go to its dashboard to update and edit the website. An easy and simple updating process helps in keeping the content dynamic and relevant.

Final Words

Using a Content Management System for building and managing your website can boost the overall growth of your business.

A CMS not only helps in storing the web content in one place and promotes easy collaboration across teams. It supports quick and easy updates and offers predesigned templates and extensions for customization of your website.



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