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Your Guide to Boost Lean Body Mass

Your Guide to Boost Lean Body Mass

Lean body mass is commonly known as lean mass. It is the source of the word lean muscle. It is the total weight of your body without the weight due to the fat mass.

Lean Body Mass (LBM)= Total Weight – Fat Mass. Lean body mass includes the weight of:

● Bones

● Body water

● Organs

● Muscle mass

● Skin

Lean body mass is also known as fat-free mass. Since there are so many parts of lean body mass, if there is any change in the weight of any one of them, they can be recorded as the change in the LBM. You should know that the weight of our body organs does not change a lot. The bone density does decrease over time, However, it does not impact the LBM weight.

The two major areas that require your focus with Lean Body Mass are muscle mass and body water. It is advised to eat more protein along with muscle-building workouts. This deals with gaining and building skeletal muscle mass. There are three major muscle types: cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. Skeletal muscle mass happens to be the only type of muscle that you can actively grow and develop through proper nutrition and exercise.

Skeletal Muscle Mass is part of your Lean Body Mass. Water happens to be a key influencer. And it could be problematic when people use lean gains and muscle gain interchangeably.

Boosting Lean Body Mass

You can boost your lean body mass by boosting your healthy muscle. This you can do by ensuring that you are well-hydrated. And if you can, then doing so by reducing visceral and subcutaneous fat. When you get good quality sleep, this also helps with your lean body mass as oxygen and other nutrients are carried to the muscle tissues to assist their post-workout healing and growth.

Regardless of your score, understanding your fitness level and your body allows you to be in control of your health and maintain it. Lean Body Mass is one of the key components of fitness. When you increase your body mass, it allows for aesthetic, metabolic, and fitness benefits. And even if exercise happens to be the foundation of lean body mass, here are some steps to help you boost your lean body mass faster:

Timing is Important

You can build lean mass with the help of protein. The diurnal rhythm largely controls how the body converts the consumed protein into muscle mass. Our bodies are conditioned to expend most of the energy during the day. Protein happens to be an inefficient energy source. You cannot trigger greater protein synthesis by consuming a high protein meal in the early evening. However, it decreases your appetite so that you don’t crave eating a whole meal or go overboard with snacking and consume wasted salaries.

Pay Attention to Recovery

One of the most key aspects of your workout is recovery. And although exercise helps in increasing lean body mass, it boosts the release of stress hormone that helps with increasing the breakdown of muscle protein. The best way to reduce this protein breakdown is by consuming a special recovery beverage during the recovery window. This is the 45-minutes post-exercise when the enzymes for rebuilding and repair protein are activated.

Consume Protein During Your Workout

Even though carbohydrates happen to be the primary energy source, when you are doing extended exercise, up to 20% of muscles’ energy can be acquired from protein breakdown. After consuming a sports drink that combines both protein and carbs, the muscles utilize the protein in the sports drink instead of using the body’s muscle protein.

You Should Lose Fat not Muscle on Diet

Sure, dieting can help get rid of unwanted fat. As a result, the percentage of lean body mass increases in the body. The muscle protein breakdown increases due to extreme diets. For your diet to be effective, there should be a decrease in food intake. Sometimes, people take it to the extreme level that leads to surprising results. You can reduce weight gradually by decreasing the daily intake of 300-400 calories. Also, it will lead to a 9% loss in lean body mass.

But reducing the caloric intake by 800-1000 calories helps in reducing 45% of weight loss in lean body mass. All in all, doing an extreme diet leads to about five times loss of lean body mass and is a steady approach towards caloric reduction.

Drinking Protein Shake Before Sleep

When we sleep, it is the longest period of fasting. The body releases cortisol to maintain metabolic function during the 6-8 hour sleep interval. Cortisol happens to be a catabolic hormone that boosts the breakdown of muscle protein. This way, it can be utilized for energy. Due to this reason, when you wake up, the cortisol levels are at their highest. One way to reduce the cortisol increase is drinking a protein shake before bed that lessens the rise in cortisol. Some proteins tend to be more effective. An added benefit protein assists you in sleeping better.

That’s all you need to know about lean body mass. The ways mentioned above can be great means to boost your lean body mass. Also, as long as you are not investing in low-quality supplements or fake products, there is no harm in using steroids and supplements. One of the most reliable sources to buy your steroids from is buysteroidsonline.to. It is one of the most reliable sources to buy fat burners, testosterone boosters, and energy supplements from.

They make their products using the most premium quality ingredients sourced from Para Pharma. The company stocks both oral and injectable anabolic steroids for sale that are bound to boost your endurance and stamina ensuring that you get the most out of your workouts. 

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